Man-Systems Integration Standards
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Man-Systems Integration Standards

This companion to the Artemis Data Book is a web version of NASA-STD-3000 Man-Systems Integration Standards. The MSIS collects human performance data and related information to guide desigers in the development of both ground and space systems wherever a human interface occurs. Unless otherwise stated, the information in this document is identical to the official NASA standard with only minor editing to accommodate its presentation on the World Wide Web.

This work is far from complete. If you would like to help in presenting the Man-Systems Integration Standards on the web, please join the Artemis Society International Electronic Communications Technical Committee, sign up for the Web Team, and then register for access to the ASI Web Management System.

Please note that access to the web management system is limited to members of Artemis Society International, so if you haven't joined the Society yet, you'll want to visit the Artemis Society Membership page first.

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