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Objects Fundamentals - Part 1
All is not what it seems

Moon Sims Tour Guides with Table

"Now look at this table--" says Caddy.

"Um, Caddy, this isn't exactly a Livin' Luna object," says Pasiphae.

"Goodness, yes!" says Carla. "The freight to import this thing would cost half a million dollars, even in 2101! And if you chopped down a pecan tree for the wood, you'd probably be recycled!"

"All right! All right! I get the point!" says Caddy. "I had good reasons for choosing this table to use as an example. Everybody has it in their game because it comes with the basic version of The Sims, and it's a nice, big, multi-square object."

Pasiphae says, "Oops. Sorry. Excuse me for interrupting. Go ahead, Caddy."

"Maybe we should go fix lunch and let Caddy do her stuff," says Carla. "Besides, it gets kind of creepy when Caddy starts turning off everything to illustrate a point. Look! I don't even have a shadow!"

"Eeek! Neither do I!" says Pasiphae. "Suddenly lunch sounds like an excellent idea! What would you like, Caddy?"

"How about sliced ham, avocado, cream cheese, and some of that strawberry-walnut jam on light rye?" says Caddy.

Carla says something under her breath. It sounds like "gleep."

"Erm, Caddy, cream cheese and jam?" says Pasiphae.

"I have to fly all the way to the Overmyer Shelf to pick up a shipment of flower seeds this afternoon. Now, may I get back to the tutorial? Shoo! Shoo!"

As Pasiphae and Carla head for the kitchen, you overhear a remark from Pasiphae. "Actually, it sounds pretty good."

"Hey, how come we're jaggie and she's not?"

"I don't know, and I don't think I want to know."

"As long as I get my flower seeds," says Carla. Their voices fade into the distance and a door gently closes.

Caddy says, "OK, now that we have achieved some focus here, let's get back to it. Look at this table.

"It certainly looks solid, and if you put it into your game we can set things on it, and walk around it, and even sit down to eat. So what we have here is a nice, substantial, three-dimensional table. Right?

"Wrong! It only looks like a three-dimensional object. Carla and Pasiphae aren't watching now, so let me show you something--"

Ri-i-ip! Rustle, rustle. Cre-e-e-e-e-eak!

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