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How to Make a Zip Archive for Moon Sims
Part 6: The README File

Caddy waving you down

Caddy says, "Hey! I know you're having fun with the low gravity, but come down from there and pay attention! This is important!"

"I need a 'readme' file to go into every Moon Sims archive. I want to use the same format for every readme file so that people know right where to look for certain kinds of information."

"It all starts with the filename. The filename should be 'readme_charactername.txt'. That makes the filename unique, so that users can collect the readme files in a single folder and always be able to go back to them to find out where all the files in their copy of The Sims came from."

"Readme files are always in plain text with no funny characters or weird formatting. Beyond that, filling in the information should be fairly simple from just looking at the example below. The file starts out with some basic information. It always includes a complete list of every file included in the archive. Instructions come next; they might be very short or very involved depending on how complex the archive is and how many options the user has for doing other things with it."

"We alwayslist credits and make absolutely sure we give credit to the source if we are using someone else's work, even for derivative works. Including links to their web sites where you can."

"If you create skins for a character who isn't part of the cast of the Moon Sims web, you can write your own story for About the Character or just say 'Joe is an original creation of <your name>."

"The Your Hosts and Legal sections of the readme file are boilerlate, and should be included verbatim. The Change History will probably just be one line for most archives, but if there are additional updates just add to the list. That way the user can check to find out if his copy of The Sims has the latest update."

Example Readme File

                           Moon Sims

Contributed by:    Adam Selene
Published:         22 June 2001
Version:           1.00 22 June 2001

Files in this archive            
B351FAFitlgt_moonpack.bmp     *  Caddy's normal clothes texture map   
B351FAFit_moonpack.cmx        *  Body definition
C338FAlgt_caddy.bmp           *  Caddy's head texture map
HFLOLgt_moonpack.bmp          *  Left Hand texture map
HRLOLgt_moonpack.bmp          *  Right Hand texture map
NFFitlgt_moonpack.bmp         *  Caddy's nude texture map
Pajamaflgt_moonpack.bmp       *  Caddy's pajamas
caddy.jpg                        Picture of the character
readme_caddy.txt                 This file
UFFitlgt_moonpack.bmp         *  Caddy's swimsuit texture map
xskin-b351faFit_mb-MBODY.skn  *  Body mesh
xskin-moonpack.skn            *  Backpack mesh

1. Put the files marked with a star * go into your Skins folder.

2. All files are Macintosh-compatible.  No renaming or editing required.

3. All the Moon Sims tour guides (Pasiphae, Carla, and Cadillac) use the 
   same body mesh so you only need to install xskin-b351faFit_mb-MBODY.skn
   once.   B351FAFitlgt_moonpack.bmp is unique to Caddy, and causes
   the game to select her unique swimsuit, pajama, and nude skins.

4. B351FAFitlgt_moonpack.bmp can be renamed to B300FAFitlgt_moonpack.bmp to 
   fit the standard Sims swimsuit mesh.

5. The B351 SKN file can be renamed to override the standard B300 body mesh
   if you want *all* your fit female sims to have the low-gravity-enhanced
   figure in their swimsuit and nude modes; but it's easier to download the
   Mac-compatible versions of the B300 uber CMX and SKN files from the
   Wage of Sims.  (See URL in credits below.)

6. Pajama assumes you have replaced your xskin-pajamaffit_01-PELVIS-BODY.skn
   with a B300 body mesh.  If not, character will appear to have pants legs
   built into her body when she is wearing pajamas.

7. If you install all three versions of the Tour Guides body skins, 
   B351FAFitlgt_tourguide.bmp (Pasiphae), B351FAFitlgt_mooncape.bmp (Carla),
   and B351FAFitlgt_moonpack.bmp (Cadillac), you can mix and match accessories
   among these three outfits.  The game will select the swimsuit, pajama, and 
   nude skins to go with the outfit you have selected for a character.  You can
   rename the Pajamaflgt_, UFFitlgt_, and NFFitlgt_  BMP files to switch these
   around to match up different PJ's, swimsuits, nudes, and normal outfits, 
   but once you have created the character, changes will not take effect until 
   your character changes clothes.

8. If you want your Sims characters to stay consistent with the outfits these 
   characters wear on the Moon Sims web site, you can watch for these clues  
   when you select bodies and heads:

     B351FAFitlgt_tourguide.bmp   Pasiphae    Wears a mantle over her shoulders
     C666FAlgt_Pasiphae.bmp                   Blonde, looks like Velaria

     B351FAFitlgt_mooncape.bmp    Carla       Just the body suit
     C911FAlgt_carla.bmp                      Brunette, Hat

     B351FAFitlgt_moonpack.bmp    Cadillac    Bare midriff
     C338FAlgt_caddy.bmp                      Looks like the maid

B351FAFitlgt_moonpack.bmp     *  Caddy's normal clothes texture map   
C338FAlgt_caddy.bmp           *  Caddy's head texture map
HFLOLgt_moonpack.bmp          *  Left Hand texture map
HRLOLgt_moonpack.bmp          *  Right Hand texture map
NFFitlgt_moonpack.bmp         *  Caddy's nude texture map
Pajamaflgt_moonpack.bmp       *  Caddy's pajamas
UFFitlgt_moonpack.bmp         *  Caddy's swimsuit texture map

     Moon Sims original by Adam Selene.   An alternative version of the 
     NFFitlgt_moonpack.bmp is available from the Artemis Society International
     members-only web (where Team Director can control access by minors).

     The head texture C338FAlgt_caddy.bmp was derived from the non-player
     character maid from The Sims.  She uses the C338FA_lady2 head mesh
     that comes with your game, so you don't need new CMX or SKN files for
     Caddy's head.

xskin-moonpack.skn            *  Backpack mesh

     This backpack mesh, renamed to be Macintosh-compatible, was created
     by Chad Authier (Claw) at the 7 Deadly Sims
     Distributed by Moon Sims with permission from Chad Authier.

B351FAFit_tourguide.cmx       *  Body definition
xskin-b351faFit_mb-MBODY.skn  *  Body mesh

     These two files are identical to the B300FAFit_uber files by 
     Richard R. Ward, available from the Wage of Sim at:

     Caution: Some material on the Wage of Sim is not appropriate for
     minors.  Kids consult your parents.  Adults use your own 

     They have been renamed from B300FAFit_* so that you don't have
     to scroll through all the B300 oufits with the tour guides'
     accessories every time one of your sims wants to change clothes.

     Distributed by Moon Sims with permission from Richard R. Ward.

About the Character

     Caddy is a tour guide in Luna City, Angus Bay, Luna.  She and
     her companions are your tour guides at Moon Sims.

Your Hosts

     Moon Sims is brought to you by Artemis Society International and members
     of the Moon Society worldwide.  

     Join the Moon Society and come with us as we take the first step on the
     journey to the stars!

     Artemis Society International is a non-profit research foundation.  All
     members of the Moon Society are offered associate membership in the
     Artemis Society at no cost.

     We maintain the Moon Sims web with WebSite Director from CyberTeams,

Change History

     1.00 - Initial release.

     Permission to distribute this character from other sites is granted, as 
     long you provide a credit link to and distribute 
     only the original archive intact, including this readme file; and as long 
     as the distribution does not imply endorsement by Moon Sims, Artemis
     Society International, or the Moon Society.

     Derivative works for Moon Sims original work are permitted as long you 
     provide credit to the source and a link to
     Before creating derivative works of others' work, contact the original
     creators listed in the credits above.

     If you use our work on another web site, we would like to hear about it.
     Please send a note to

     By downloading this software, you take full responsibility for determining
     its appropriateness, function, and use on your computer.  Moon Sims, Artemis 
     Society International, and the Moon Society assume no liability for any harm 
     you might incur from viewing, installation, use, or distribution of this 

Copyright (c)2001 by Moon Sims, for the contributors.

"This is the readme file from my own Tour Guide archive, which you can download from Tour Guides page. As readme files go, this one is pretty complex; but then, I am pretty complex! If you look closely, you'll notice that I decided not to include my red silk gown in this archive after all. You can still download it from the Women's section, though. It comes as a separate outfit."

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