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Part 1: Encounter with Caddy

Once again we venture to the private villa on Brasket Island. The weather is fabulous (but then, the weather is always fabulous in the Luna City Cavern) so we decide to go for a stroll around the outside balcony on the third floor. The balcony completely encircles all four wings of the villa, so it takes few minutes for us to circumnavigate the estate. Of course, we could do it more quickly if didn't stop to admire the view along the way.

The Heinlein Wing juts toward the northeast from the center of the villa. The end of this wing is a particularly popular spot because it offers the best views of northern Luna City and the boats rounding the corner at Ross Strait. A light breeze carries the fragrance of the Mixtup Forest from down below. Incongruously, there seems to be quite an updraft here.

As we stroll onto the Heinlein Wing, we recall that the last time we were here we blundered in upon Caddy in a state of undress. Hoping to avoid a repetition of this faux pas, lest she think we really are complete dolts, we stay on the outside balcony, intent upon reaching the end of the wing so we can admire the view.

Caddy on the balcony at the villa

Then, to our delight, as we approach the far end of the balcony we find that the view is even more admirable than usual, because Caddy herself is here gracing the scenery with her presence. She seems to be gazing out toward Ross Strait, but instead of just taking in the view, she is gesticulating and muttering under her breath.

She doesn't seem at all happy, but when she hears us coming, Caddy turns and flashes her heart-melting smile.

"Oh hi!" she says. "I hope you're enjoying your visit to the villa. This is one of my favorite places. During the lunar day I can launch from here and fly all the way to Luna City with hardly a beat of my wings! The trick is to follow the thermals under the boreholes."

She points out the bright spots on Brasket Island and Lake Mendell where boreholes in the roof of the cavern bring sunlight to Luna City. Then she turns toward us; probably checking to make sure we are enjoying her tour guide monologue. Suddenly her eyes widen a little, and she blushes.

Caddy on the balcony at the villa

"Oh! I know you! You're the one who wanted a skin of me in my underwear! What? No, no problem at all. I hope you are having as much fun with it as I did posing for it when Carla made it. Besides, you also listened through my whole lecture on how to make a zip archive for a Moon Sims character!

"Since you share my interest in these things, come on into my room. It's right here. I'll show you what has really been bugging me today."

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