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Caddy in Her Cut-Offs

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Caddy says, "What? Do you really think I look cute in these old cut-off blue jeans? You're so sweet!

"Since you're so nice, and so willing to listen to all my tantrums, here's an archive of me in my Daisy Mae's. You can probably figure out why I call this my "Caddy Mae" outfit!

"Oh yes, The Dukes of Hazzard is very popular in Luna City. Carla bought the wafer with all the episodes, and we like to watch it together. We don't drive around in bright red muscle cars, but you should head up to the surface and watch Pasiphae in the dune buggy derby. She makes jumps that even the General Lee would envy!

"I've included a swimsuit and pajamas that reflect me in my Lazy Caddy mode. Greg says we shouldn't wear cotton in the swimming pool because the fibers clog the filters, so I can't wear these shorts to go swimming. I don't want to wear out my nice red Tour Guide bikini, and the chlorine bleaches out my underwear, so I either had to buy an expensive nylon swimsuit imported all the way from Earth, or just go skinny-dipping.

"I always wear a swimsuit when a tourist ship is docked, which these days is the entire lunar day and even some of the night, too. Ever since Greg opened the villa to tourists, we get too much traffic through here to be really casual. Adam's rule, you know: Don't Shock The Tourists. I don't like the scramble out of the pool every time a tour group is headed up from the boat dock, so I went downtown and bought a pair of real nylon bikini panties that sort of match my shorts. I'm still saving up for the matching bra, but that doesn't seem to be as important. For some reason, he doesn't mind it when I wear his old cotton undershirt in the pool.

"I'll tell you a secret. Around on the north side of the island there's a cove where we don't need to worry about tourists. It has a nice black-sand beach and the sunlight from the borehole there isn't nearly as harsh as up on Red Hawk Cliff.

"The archive also includes my hands so that I don't look funny with pale hands, and I included my nude skin so I don't lose my tan when I take a bath.

"My nude skin is missing essential body parts because Adam is such a prude. We're working on him, but he is so inflexible on that point you would think he was a computer program!"

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