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Caddy says, "This is my little corner of Moon Sims! This is where I'm collecting essays and tutorials about the technical side of The Sims -- everything from how to make stuff to how to do a Sims web site.

This is just Sims Tech. Technical stuff about living in the moon is Pasiphae's problem. You can find her notes in the Livin' Luna section.

Caddy's Tutorial on How to Make a Character Archive for Moon Sims

Caddy says, "You just might enjoy this one. It's not often I give a tutorial in my underwear."

Caddy explains how easy it is to fix (and avoid) long filenames

Caddy says, "This is important!"

Caddy tells you how to get downloads to work from sites hosted on Strategy Planet.

Caddy says, "The best solution for a simsmaster hosted on this service is to move somewhere else! And the best place to find a skin of me wearing cut-offs and a tank is right here."

How to install new skins

Caddy says, "OK, you've downloaded a bunch of nifty new skins for your game. Now what? This time, just the facts."

Some advice to Sims webmasters from the irrepressible Caddy.

Caddy says, "If you think you can take it, read this!"

Carla's Tutorial on How to Make Skins for The Sims

Carla says, "I haven't completed this yet, but the first 18 pages are on line now. That's enough to take you through the whole process up through the point you have a complete skin to view in SimShow or play in the game. I plan to finish up the rest, which involves some more Photoshop techniques and finishing details, Real Soon Now!"

Fundamentals of Objects in The Sims

Caddy says, "This isn't a tutorial about how to make objects for The Sims; it's an explanation of what the objects are made of and how they fit into the game. These are things I think you need to know before you tackle the more complex tutorials by Don Hokins and Chad Authier. I also included some important technical information that I haven't seen in the tutorials."

Carla's Weird Floors Room

Carla says, "Visit my Weird Floors Room and learn why floors sometimes do strange things when you rotate the view in The Sims."

How to Make a Pressurized Habitat

Caddy says, "We used pressurized modules for habitats on the lunar surface. The Sims doesn't have curved walls, but I have and idea for how we could do this if some object makers are ready for an interesting challenge."

Carla put her catalog of SimShow standard skins on line.

Carla says, "I use this as a quick reference to find the skins I'm looking for when I want to make a new one."

MOO Programming Quick Reference Sheet

Caddy says, "If you are a MOO programmer, you care. If you're not, you don't. Dry. Very, very dry."

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