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Lunar Industries Association Participants

Participants in the Lunar Industries Association forum do not necessarily represent the opinions or official policy of their respective companies and organizations. Some of the people listed are officers of more than one company or organization, and there are additional participants for whom we have not identified a related company or organization, and there are even some companies and organizations where we know somebody is listening but we don't know who. The most we can say is that the forum reaches someone in each of the companies and organizations listed below.

Organization or Company Participant
Artemis Society International Boise Pearson
Bigelow Aerospace Gregory Bennett
Carnegie-Mellon University Dr. Red Whittaker
CyberTeams, Inc. Randall Severy
Interglobal Space Lines Rand Simberg
International Space Enterprises Mike Simon
JSS Design John Spencer
Lockheed Martin Christopher R. Cassell
LunaCorp David Gump
Lunar & Planetary Institute Mike Duke
Lunar & Planetary Science Conference Dan Greenwood
Los Alamos National Laboratory Steve Howe
LRC Publications Ian Randal Strock
Lunar Economic Development Authority Brad Blair
The Lunar Resources Company Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.
The Lunar Society Dana Carson
Lunar Traders Tim Cadell
Microcosm S. Dawson
Rex Ridenoure
The Moon Society Dana Carson
NASA Ames Research Center Francisco Soriano
NASA Headquarters Chuck Reynerson
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Doug Caldwell
NASA Johnson Space Center Dr. Wendell Mendell
New York University Seth Potter
P.E.R.M.A.N.E.N.T. Mark Prado
Savage Research Tim Cadell
Space Age Publishing Steve Durst
Space Frontier Foundation Richard Godwin
The SpaceLaunch Foundation "spacelaunch"
SPAR C. Wilson
tour2space "tour2space"
TransOrbital, Inc. Gregory Nemitz
United Societies in Space Phil Harris
Declan O'Donnell
University of California at San Diego Dr. Michael Wiskerchen
University of Wisconsin - Madison Dr. Gary L. Kulcinski
University of Texas at Austin Pattie Roe
X-Prize Foundation Dr. Peter Diamandis

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