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Lunar Industries Association

About the Association

About the Lunar Industries Association

The Lunar Industries Association is a loosely organized discussion forum for entrepreneurs in businesses related to the moon. The assocation was formed in July 1997 to satisfy a need identified by Steve Durst (Space Age Publishing) and Mike Simon (International Space Enterprises) to provide a convenient way for lunar entrepreneurs to keep up to date about what others in the field are doing.

Participants (we're not organized enough to call them members) include representatives from most businesses involved in developing industries on or related to Earth's moon.

We've discussed making the Lunar Industries Assocation more formal, but concluded that in setting up the discussion forum we accomplished our primary goal for the association. None of us have had time to set up new conferences and publications, so the Lunar Industries Association applauds the efforts of the Space Frontier Foundation, et al., in creating the Commercial Lunar Base Development Symposium.

Electronic communication resources for the Lunar Industries Association are provided by the volunteer members of the Artemis Society International Electronic Communication Technical Committee. Web space, Internet server hosting, and the WebSite Director web maintenance system are donated by CyberTeams.

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