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The Artemis Project is developing a private lunar base.

A team of non-profit organizations led by the Artemis Society International, with the support of a team of commercial companies, is combining its efforts to establish a permanent self-supporting community on the moon. You are invited to come, too! For the first time in history, you are invited to participate directly in manned space flight by lending your talent and enthusiasm to the project.

When the project is successful, you will be able to travel to the moon and beyond. Join us and take the first step on a journey that need never end.

See our response to frequently asked questions to learn how we are able to build a program which up until now was something only huge government agencies could do. Some concerns might come up while you're learning about the project. If so, check out our answers to frequently raised objections.

The idea is to avoid asking people to invest any money directly in the "risky" business of space flight, but rather to seek investment in associated ventures in known industries such as making movies, television, publications, and merchandising. The promise of the project is sufficiently entertaining that if we tell the story well, we'll have enough money to be at break-even before we do the first launch.

Getting Involved

Less than 5% of the work needs to be done by rocket scientists, so you can make a significant contribution to the development of manned space flight even if you don't have a PhD in astronautics.

Artemis Data Book

All the information about the project is stored in the Artemis Data Book. The Data Book has had over 400 new files since February, and is the main repository of completed technical documents. Some hilights include essays on oxygen extraction, helium-3 intro, consumable requirements, revenue analysis, radar requirements, and day 1 surface operations, to name a few from hundreds of documents. Check the outline to find topics in your areas of interest.

Shameless Commercialism

Our on-line catalog has an ever-growing list of Artemis Project trinkets that you must have. Check the special deal on Lunar Transfer Vehicles, available for a limited time only!

We also have a poster with illustrations of what the reference mission spacecraft look like.

Electronic Communication

One of the greatest challenges for the project is having a huge team spread out all over the world. We keep in touch through extensive use of electronic communication. You're standing at the tip of the iceberg, at the main entrance to the Artemis Project's World Wide Web Site.

Discussion groups, mailing lists, on-line services, and all the rest are described in section 9 of the Artemis Data Book.

The Artemis Society Near You

People around the world are interested in the project and are forming local chapters. We have a list of them so you can find people in your neighborhood to discuss forming a chapter and helping the project. If you're interested and there isn't a local contact near, you send email to <> about getting listed as a local contact or about forming a chapter. If you are also part of a pro-space organization email us about affiliating with ASI.


If you're interested in the Artemis Project please sign our guestbook.

A Little Secret

Every night, just after midnight Eastern U.S. time, our machine updates its list of files that have changed in the past 24 hours. This whatsnew page might seem bewildering at first, especially since many of the files you see in the list are pages we're still developing (guaranteed not to make much sense), but as you become a veteran lunar explorer it will become a valuable tool for keeping up with the Artemis Project.

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