Biographies of People in the Artemis Project
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Phil Smith

Phil Smith

Software Engineer

Role in the Artemis Project:

Phil Smith is the chairman of the Software Architecture & Standards Technical Committee.


Phil has been engaged full-time in Software Engineering for over 19 years. In this time he has gained a broad exposure to software production and team organization methods.

Work Experience:

Phil left school early, in a fit of rebellion, and took a job as a Laboratory Technician in the Acoustics and Electronics Department at what was then the National Institute of Oceanography. He later attended University which broadened his outlook on life considerably. At this point he decided that no job paid well enough to sacrifice his time and freedom to do what he was interested in, mainly playing Go, a Japanese board game. His exposure to computers at this time had been as number crunchers for analyzing data but a friend showed him the theoretical background and full potential of computers. In Software Engineering he found a career that paid well enough and provided sufficient interest to work at full time.

Phil has worked for over ten companies, mainly on a freelance basis. These include Smiths Industries, British Aerospace, RCA, Racal, STC, ICI and GEC; covering Aerospace, Marine, Military, Petrochemical and Heavy Industrial businesses. He has worked on many types of applications, such as Communications, Navigation, Radar, Mathematical Simulation and Process Control. His software experise includes Ada, C++, Fortran and various assemblers, Jackson, Yourdon and Object Oriented Design on Sun, DEC, PC and other more antique hardware. He also has experience in team leading and conducting feasibility studies.


After leaving school, he soon realised his mistake - life in the real world was too tough! He studied Applied Physics part time for four years before reading Pure Maths and Theoretical Physics at St. Andrews University, Scotland. He received his Honours Degree in 1977.

Personal Stuff:

Phil was born in Guildford, Surrey, England on March 12, 1953. He is now married with three children.

His interests include: Go, Japanese culture, swimming, walking, cosmology & science in general, computing, ecology, politics, music of all kinds.

Most of his free time is currently directed towards family life, helping his local swimming club, sorting out a recent property purchase in the Pyrenees and helping the Artemis Project. When he had spare time he used to read books such as 'Godel, Escher Bach' by Douglas Hoffstadter or books about Go.

Whilst at St. Andrews he read articles by Dr. O'Neill about the feasibility of building habitats in space. The habitats could be built using the technology of the day and support many thousands of people, building solar power satellites and possibly having a profound impact on the Earth's quality of life. This surprising, exciting and reassuring conclusion has stayed with him until the present day.

Phil wants to go to the moon before he draws his pension!

Biographies of People in the Artemis Project

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