Biographies of People in the Artemis Project
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Bob Reuter

Bob Reuter

transportation/rehabilitation engineer, manager, consultant

Role in the Artemis Project

Robert Reuter is the chairman of the Logistics Technical Committee. He makes a significant contribution to the Artemis Project in pricing equipment and analysing the logistical element of various aspects of the Artemis Project. He occasionally uses the example of ordering port-o-potties for the launch site as a mundane but important typical task for the Logistics Tech Committee.

Bob is organizing a Mid-Atlantic Artemis Society chapter, and is the Baltimore local contact.

Professional experience

Bob Reuter owns Access Systems, a transportation/rehabilitation consulting engineering firm. Some typical major projects include purchasing buses for transit systems and designing accessible transit systems. Other projects include the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project and engineering drive systems for light rail vehicles.

Bob also works on the Americans with Disabilities Act - Rail technical regulations. He was the director of a regional transportation planning council, and director of a transit system.

He sits on the local MPO transportation long range planning committee and is Vice President of Delaware/Maryland Paralyzed Veterans of America.


Born in 1948, Bob has a BA in Transportation Engineering from the University of Maryland (UMBC), with a minor in Economics. He speaks English, German, Japanese, and Sign Language.

To relax, Bob enjoys reading science fiction, but finds the story can be ruined if the math isn't right or the physics doesn't hold up. He also builds model railroads, and has a 14x56 ft layout that has seen little work since he started working on the Artemis Project. Other pursuits include canoeing and working as a ski instructor. A recent highlight was carrying the Olympic Torch as it passed through Baltimore on the way to Atlanta.

Bob is a widower and a Vietnam era veteran with 4 children and 6 grandchildren. His dream is to put the first wheelchair tracks on the moon.

Biographies of People in the Artemis Project

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