Biographies of People in the Artemis Project
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Nanci Brasket

Nanci photo Artemis

Nanci Brasket

Role in The Artemis Project

After years of faithful service, Nanci Bookout Brasket passed away in 1999.

Nanci Brasket served as Corresponding Secretary for Artemis Society International and operated the Artemis Comm & Info Center in Houston. She was also a member of the Artemis Society of Houston.

Professional Experience

Nanci brought 29 years of experience in administrative support to The Artemis Project. She began her career in 1966, cutting her teeth on Texas state politics and criminal, civil, and real estate law. In 1975 she moved to the petrochemical industry, where she remained until 1981 (when she heard aerospace call her name). As Senior Secretary with McDonnell Douglas Aerospace since 1985, she provided administrative support to the International Space Station, a project she joined in 1991 during the Phase B proposal effort, at a time when an orbiting space station was still just a gleam in America's eye. Nanci also served as Space/Aviation Editor and contributing writer for the MacDac-Houston Buzz, an inhouse weekly electronic newsletter. Prior to writing for the Buzz, she was responsible for an astrological analysis column in a monthly entertainment magazine, where she also reviewed local rhythm & blues bands.

Off the Record

In her spare time Nanci was a writer, research astrologer, amateur stargazer, internet surfer, web builder and lap for the cat. She was the author of Durwood, The Dying Dragon and Dearest Hanna, both as-yet-unpublished bestsellers, and provided editorial services for freelance writers. An avid collector of music, she focused on early blues and jazz ('30s-'50s) and traditional R&B. She maintained fresh strings on her 1926 Martin 000-18 acoustic guitar and also played piano. Other passions included classic motorcycles, classic cars, and telling stories at the local greasy spoon.

Nanci resided in Webster, Texas, with her cat, Harmony (a/k/a "Le Pussois"), Apollo the Wonder Mac, and various creatures of the forest.

Admiral in the Texas Navy since 1972.

Biographies of People in the Artemis Project

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