Lunar Minerals
Section M 5.
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Lunar Minerals Introduction

This section describes the minerals which have been detected on the moon so far. They are arranged into the following groups:

This list includes Major, Minor, and Trace minerals (as described by NASA). Controversial minerals are also included for completeness -- even though they may not be of indigenous lunar origin. Major minerals are defined as those occurring with abundances up to 100%. Minor minerals generally occur at less than 2% although some achieve >10% (eg. ilmenite). Trace minerals never exceed about 0.3%.

None of these descriptions should be considered as complete. People are welcome to add new information (e.g., reactions) as they find it. I have deliberately avoided optical and crystallographic identification data -- this can be found in Deer, Howie and Zussman's An Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals. If the reader wishes to learn how to identify minerals along these lines (i.e., using a petrographic microscope), MacKenzie & Guildford's Atlas of Rock-Forming Minerals complements DHZ very well.


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Lunar Minerals

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