Meteoritic Minerals
Section M 5.6.
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The following meteoritic minerals have been found on the moon (all of trace abundances):

Schreibersite (Fe,Ni)3P A tetragonal mineral, also known as 'schreibernite' and 'rhabdite'. Highly magnetic, it is hard and brittle. Can contain small amounts of cobalt and traces of copper. It is found as orientated plate inclusions in iron meteorites. It tarnishes to a brass yellow or brown color.

Cohenite has an orthorhombic crystal structure, and is often found as an accessory mineral in iron meteorites. Its color is bright silver. At atmospheric temperatures and pressures, it will decompose into kamacite (metallic iron with up to 7.5% nickel in solid solution) and graphite. It is extremely hard (harder than schreibersite).

It is related to 'cementite' - an iron carbide found in steels when maganese is present. It appears that there is some confusion between these two mineral names, and it is possible that 'cohenite' has been used to describe 'cementite' and vice versa.

Niningerite(Mg,Fe,Mn)S No further information is available.
Lawrencite (?)(Fe,Ni)Cl2 This is a trigonal mineral, and found in FeNi meteorites.

Obviously the above information is incomplete to say the least. If you find any more information, you're welcome to add it!

Meteoritic Minerals

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