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Native Iron

Native Metals - Iron

Iron is found as a minor mineral on the moon, in its native form (i.e., as a metal). It is found with varying amounts of nickel and cobalt. This relatively high abundance was unexpected. The exact origin is unknown, but it is either from within the moon, or from impacting iron-nickel meteorites.

Physical Properties

Melting Point                                             1810.2K
Boiling Point                                             3343.2K
Density @ 293.2K                                          7.87g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity between 273.2 and 373.2K             71 W/m/K
Mean Specific Heat between 273.2 and 373.2K               456 J/kg/K
Thermal coeff. of resistivity between 273.2 and 373.2K    6510
Resistivity at 293.2k                                     9.71e-4 ohm-meter
Coeff. of expansion between 273.2 and 373.2K              2.9e+6
Source: NASA's Lunar Handbook of Materials See The Lunar Sourcebook for a discussion of Lunar native iron


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