Other Sulphides
Section M 5.3.2.
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Other Sulphides

Other sulphides have been found in lunar samples, but only at trace compositions:

          Chalcopyrite           CuFeS2
          Cubanite               CuFe2S3
          Pentlandite            (Fe,Ni)9S8
          Mackinawite            Fe(1+x)S
          Sphalerite             (Zn,Fe)S

The Lunar Sourcebook describes these as "geological curiosities".

The Cu-bearing phases have only been found as grains <10-15µm in diameter in Apollo 12 basalts, and small vugs in Apollo 17 breccias.

Pentlandite has been found in an Apollo 14 breccia.

Mackinawite was present as small (<5µm) grains in some Apollo 12 basalts.

Sphalerite was present in some Apollo 16 breccias, and probably formed as a result of the mobilization of Zn and S during impact shock metamorphism. Quantities are small (<0.01vol%) and it has only been found as small grains (<20µm).

Other Sulphides

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