Lunar Transient Phenomena
Section M 3.13.
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Related External Web Sites

The following resources concern Lunar Transient Phenomena, but are located elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events
JJ Mercieca has compiled a catalog of reports of lunar events, or temporary changes on the moon, based on literature covering more than four centuries. Each entry includes a brief description and date of the observation, the name of the observer(s), where these are known, and the reference.

Lunar Transient Phenomena Links
This is the LTP Links page of the Lunascan Project, which is an Earth-Based Telescopic Imaging program using live CCD imaging technology to observe, document, and record Lunar Transient Phenomena.

Our Moon
This site has several photographs by Bill O'Connell, who is a participant in the Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers Lunar Selected Areas Program. Includes images of albedo spots at Atlas, Alphonsus, Aristarchus, Copernicus, Plato, Theophilus, and Tycho.

Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers

Lunar Transient Phenomena

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