Section M 2.7.
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Major Spacecraft Component Manufacturers

Escape system

Q ball - Nortronics
Pitch motor - Lockheed
Launch escape system - NAA
Tower jettison motor - Thiokol
Launch escape motor - Lockheed

Command module

Command module - NAA
Recovery system - Northrop
Heat shield - AVCO
Environmental control - AiResearch
Honeycomb panels - Aeronca

Service module

Service module - NAA
SM RCS - Marquadt
Honeycomb panels - Aeronca
Fuel cells - Pratt & Whitney
Engine - Aerojet

Lunar module

Lunar module - Grumman
IU/Apollo Adaptors - NAA
LM RCS - Marquadt
Environmental control - Hamilton Standard
LM Descent Propulsion - NAA/Rocketdyne and Space Tech Lab
LM Ascent Propulsion - Bell Aerospace and Rocketdyne
LM Guidance - RCA

Distributed systems, common systems, ground support equipment

Communicatinos - RCA
Instrumentation - RCA
VHF transponder - RCA
Omnidirectional antenna - RCA
Erectable antenna - RCA
Television - RCA
EVA comm - RCA
Inertial measurement unit - AC Spark Plug
Power servo assembly - AC Spark Plug
Ground support - AC Spark Plug
System assembly & test - AC Spark Plug
Inertial reference integrating gyro - AC Spark Plug
Stabilization and control - Honeywell
Telecommunications - Collins Radio
Spacecraft mission simulators - Link
Supercritical gas storage - Beech Aircraft
RCS positive expulsion fuel tanks - Bell Aerospace
Fuel components - Allison and Airite Products
Telemetry data processing for Apollo S-II stage - Radiation, Inc.
Propellant mixture controls - Simmonds Precision Products
TV cameras - RCA
Main communications antenna - RCA
Static inverter - Westinghouse
Sequencer - Elgin National Watch
Radar - RCA
Associate contractor for prime guidance and navigation - MIT Computer - Raytheon
Optics - Kolisman Instrument


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