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Summary of Soviet Moon Probes

Larry Klaes

LUNA 1 - Lunar impact attempt in 1959, missed Moon and became first craft in solar orbit.

LUNA 2 - First craft to impact on lunar surface in 1959.

LUNA 3 - Took first images of lunar farside in 1959.

ZOND 3 - Took first images of lunar farside in 1965 since LUNA 3. Was also a test for future Mars missions.

LUNA 9 - First probe to soft land on the Moon in 1966, returned images from surface.

LUNA 10 - First probe to orbit the Moon in 1966.

LUNA 13 - Second successful Soviet lunar soft landing mission in 1966.

ZOND 5 - First successful circumlunar craft. ZOND 6 through 8 accomplished similar missions through 1970. The probes were unmanned tests of a manned orbiting SOYUZ-type lunar vehicle.

LUNA 16 - First probe to land on Moon and return samples of lunar soil to Earth in 1970. LUNA 20 accomplished similar mission in 1972.

LUNA 17 - Delivered the first unmanned lunar rover to the Moon's surface, LUNOKHOD 1, in 1970. A similar feat was accomplished with LUNA 21/LUNOKHOD 2 in 1973.

LUNA 24 - Last Soviet lunar mission to date. Returned soil samples in 1976.


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