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Lunar Astronomy

These web sites focus on lunar astronomy and the scientific study of the moon.

If you would like add web site to this list, or update the location or description of your web site, please contact the Artemis Society International Web Team.

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Richard Evans Lunar Home Page

Amateur astronomer specializing in high-resolution lunar photography.

Byron Soulsby's Lunar Eclipse Observer Home Page

All about lunar eclipses.

Volcanism on the Moon

From the University of North Dakota's Volcano World web site. Introduction to volcanic features on the lunar surface.

Lunar Maps at the Linda Hall Library

An exhibit of rare books and maps from the collection of the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, Missouri. Lunar observation all the way back to the days of Galileo and the first telescope.

How to Photograph the Moon

Everything you need to know about how to photograph the moon, from amateur astronomer Michael Oates, of the Manchester Astronomical Society in the UK. Discusses camera settings, focal lengths, exposure settings, telescopes, motor drives, cameras, and when and what to photograph. Includes links to some stunning pictures of the moon taken by Oates.

Solar System Exploration: The Moon
JPL's essay about the moon. Part of a series of web pages about planetary bodies in the solar system. Includes links to other lunar astronomy web sites.

Consolidated Lunar Atlas or
by Gerald P. Kuiper, Ewen A. Whitaker, Robert G. Strom, John W. Fountain, and Stephen M. Larson is a collection of the best photographic images of the moon. These digital renditions were created and edited by Eric J. Douglass.

Clementine Images

Images from the Clementine mission to photograph the moon. Most photos were taken looking straight down an orbital noon, so they contain lots of scientific data but are not photographically dramatic. You can choose your location over the moon for a close-up view.

Robinson Lunar Observatory
Lots of links to lunar astronomy sites.

12 Year Geocentric Ephemeris for the Moon

This server at the Goddard Space Flight Center seems to refuse connections most of the time, but the title of the web page is so intriguing that we're keeping this URL on the list with hopes that it will once again come alive. Server problems might be due to NASA renaming their space centers and foolishly changing domain names to match, which of course breaks millions of links throughout the World Wide Web.

Omnibus of Space Information on the Web

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