Frequently Asked Questions
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When will it happen?

Below is the overall schedule we are working to. Please keep in mind that a key cost-saving factor of The Artemis Project is to work no faster than the current need and available resources. This is a working schedule, not a worshipped schedule.

Working Schedule

Feasibility Study and Exploratory Design 2 years
Technical -- spacecraft, operations, long-range mission
plans, availability of off-the-shelf designs and key personnel

Financial -- cost and revenue models, business plans, availability
of capital, cash flow, initial industries, program participants

Political -- laws, treaties, potential roadblocks, alternatives
and work-arounds

Preliminary Design 2 years
Final Design, Development, and Test 4 years
First Flight 6 years after start of Preliminary Design
Explorer-Class Flights 3 to 9 years after First Flight
First-Class Flights start 10 years after First Flight
Economy-Class Flights start 15 years after First Flight

They key to starting on this schedule is putting together the business infrastructure that gets us to the start of the Preliminary Design phase. We are working on that right now. If everything goes well, we should be able to start commercial passenger flights to the moon by the second decade of the 21st century.

Frequently Asked Questions

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