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What is The Artemis Project?

The Artemis Project is a privately financed commercial venture to establish a permanent, manned lunar base and to exploit the resources of the moon for future development of space travel.

The Artemis Project is unique among proposals for developing a moon base because it:

  1. is a 100% privately financed venture,
  2. plans to develop a lunar exploration base within the next decade,
  3. will show a profit from the first flight to the moon,
  4. invites you to take control of your future in space by participating directly in the development of manned space flight, and
  5. leads directly to commercial flights to the moon and beyond.

Artemis Society International is one of many program participants in the Artemis Project. The Society is a non-profit foundation incorporated in the state of Alabama. It does much of the basic research needed for the conquest of the moon, hosts the technical forums, and maintains this web site.

See the list of documents in the tour for more information about the Artemis Project. If you want to find that link again, just look in the header or footer of any page of the Artemis Data Book.

Frequently Asked Questions

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