Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I get more information about the Artemis Project?

The best way to keep up with information about the Artemis Project is to join the Moon Society. As a member of the Moon Society, you will automatically become an associate member of Artemis Society International. You'll receive the Society's newsletters, and have access to the many forums and committees operated by the Artemis Society.

For contact information, follow the Comm link that you will find on our home page as well as at the top and bottom of every page of the Artemis Data Book.

The primary electronic forum for discussions about the Artemis Project are on a host of electronic mailing lists serving the sundry organizations within Artemis Society International. See the document at for the complete list and information about how to join them.

Note: Most of these discussion forums are open only to members of Artemis Society International.

Frequently Asked Questions

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