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How Do I Keep Up With the Artemis Project?

It's no wonder that you're wondering! As of this writing, there are more than 2,000 documents in our increasingly labyrinthine web site, taking up more than 100 megabytes of storage space. Our little space program has all sorts of projects going on, and of course we continue to expand our web site to fulfill Artemis Society International's role as the educational institution and common meeting ground for the Artemis Project.

It might not even be possible for a single human being to keep up with everything, but here are some hints about what you can do to keep up with changes in the parts of the Artemis Project you're interested in.

Join the Artemis Society

Pretty obvious, eh? There's more to being a member of Artemis Society International than taking an active role in your future in space. You also will receive our monthly newsletter and other publications, and will be eligibile to sit in on the ASI committees and teams that you're interested in.

ASI's committees and teams are open only to Society members. We have not been enforcing that policy as strictly as we could, but when our new software comes on line, you'll have to be a current member to participate in any of the electronic mailing lists operated by the Society.

You'll find membership information and the membership application form here in the Artemis Data Book.

Key Bookmarks for your web browser

In addition to bookmarking your favorite areas of the Artemis Data Book, you'll want to make sure to check these 3 spots at least once a week:

  1. Main Entrance to the Artemis Project Web Site
  2. ASI Online News
  3. What's New

These key links are described in more detail, below, along with more hints about how to keep up with your space program.

Vist the Main Entrance to the Artemis Project web

You might have noticed a little link above the standard text on the Main Entrance to the Artemis Project web. That's the headline for the current ASI Online News. You can set a bookmark go directly to the news (see notes below for more about the news), but you'll want to keep an eye on the main entrance, too.

The main entrance offers links to the key areas of the Artemis Project web site, so you'll be able to go quickly to the spot you're looking from from that point.

Read ASI Online News

The ASI Online News carries articles about current activities in the Artemis Project. Here you'll find notices about upcoming events, plans for Artemis Project activities and conferences, committee and team reports, and highlights of documents and articles in the Artemis Data Book.

Check the What's New List at least once a week

Our What's New engine gives you a list of all the files that have changed each day.

It's really a list of what has changed, rather that what is new; and it only gives you a list of file names -- no document titles or explanations. The list includes new files as well as changes to existing documents. The changes could be just fixing a nit, or it might be a work in progress; but of course it also could be a major change in the space program. This can be confusing to a new visitor to the Artemis Project, so we don't advertise it. However, once you're familiar with how the Artemis Data Book is organized, you'll find that this service makes it easy to keep up with progress.

The list of changed files generally runs backward through time, day by day, for one week. So if you hit it once a week you can at least see all the files that were added or changed recently. Our whatsnew engine runs just after midnight, U.S. Central Time; so the list gets updated once a day.

Don't forget that you might have to reload the web page to make sure you're not reading an old version from your cache. Depending on how you have your web browser configured, you might have a Reload button on your screen. If you have the tool bar turned off, you can get to the Reload command in Netscape under "View" in the menu bar; or use the keyboard shortcut: command-R (Mac) or control-R (Unix and Windows).

Subscribe to the mailing lists that fit your interests

The list of mailing lists that ASI operates in on line in the Artemis Data Book. In general, there is a mailing list for each ASI committee and team, as well as specialized mailing lists for local chapters and national organizations.

You must be a current member of Artemis Society International to subscribe to these mailing lists or participate in ASI's committees and teams, so if you aren't already a member, you'll want to join the Artemis Society today.

Some of the mailing lists have further restrictions, limited to members of a given team or organization within Artemis Society International. The notes on the list of lists (see the link, above) will tell you the rules for each of the mailing lists.

Browse the Book

To keep up with what's going on in the Artemis Project, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the current contents of the Artemis Data Book and how the book is organized. The best way to do that is to browse the table of contents. You'll find a link to the main table of contents for the Artemis Data Book at the bottom of every document on this web site as well as the obvious link from the main entrance.

The Artemis Data Book is organized into a hiearchy of sections, with a table of contents for each section. As you go from section to section, the table of contents will change to show the documents available locally, under "Contents of this Section". It also provides a link to one step up in the outline, all the parallel sections, and the sections one step deeper into the outline.

Some sections of the Artemis Data Book do not contain any documents. When you find such a section, it's a clue that you've found a place where you can contribute, either by writing a document that summarizes the information contained below that level, or by doing the research and writing documents that fill in missing information.

Take the tours

As of this writing, we are just about to start a project where we provide guided tours of the Artemis Project. (The software is ready. We just need to update all the documents on each tour and set up the document-ring tables.) These are a collection of tours that link from document to document, following a specific topic of interest. The tours always begin and end at the Visitors Center.

At the end of each stop on one of the tours, you'll find a line of different-colored tour buses. These buses will take you to the next stop on the tour, or back to the Visitors Center.

Some documents are a stop on more than one tour. Each tour line has a different color, so make sure you board the right bus if you want to continue on the same tour.

Hint: If you don't see a tour bus waiting at the bottom of this document, that means we haven't got the tour buses running yet. In which case, if you follow that link above to the Visitors Center, it will take you to the list of the documents that constitute the self-guided Artemis Project Overview tour.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix J1 and Appendix J2 cover Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Raised Objections, respectively. The tour buses make regular stops at these areas, but we thought we should highlight them here. We are constantly adding to these documents and try to keep them updated, so they are good reading if you want to understand the Artemis Project.

To really understand how we use electronic communication to keep the project working together, you'll want to read the Electronic Communications FAQ, too.

Subscribe to artemis-list or artemis-news

The main mailing lists, where we will post announcments of major news about the Artemis Project are artemis-list and artemis-news. Both of these mailing lists are available in digest form, as artemis-list-digest and artemis-news-digest, respectively.

You'll find information about how to subscribe to these mailing lists in the list of mailing lists.

The artemis-list is a general discussion group about the Artemis Project, where subscribers can post messages of interest. At times there's a lot of traffic on this mailing list, as many as two dozen or more messages a day, so if you don't want to deal with lots of electronic mail, you might prefer the digest form of artemis-list or just the news carried by the artemis-news list.

The artemis-news list is a closed, moderated mailing list. It carries only announcements of major news about the Artemis Project. This list currently averages less than one message per week, so it is a good choice if you don't want to read or participate in the day-to-day discussions on artemis-list.

Hmmm ... yup, no tour buses here. That means the tours aren't set up yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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