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How can I invest in the Artemis Project?

First, we should explain that you can't invest in the Artemis Society other than by paying your membership dues and participating as a member, or simply donating money. Artemis Society International is a non-profit educational foundation. It does not engage in any commercial business at all, but rather serves as a meeting ground (and school, and playground) for those who want to participate in the Artemis Project.

If you are interested in investing, then you want to know about the commercial side of the the Artemis Project. Many enterprises are starting up in the Artemis Project. In general each enterprise is capitalized separately as a stand-alone business unit.

We maintain a paper on investment opportunities in section 3.3 of the Artemis Data Book. This is provided as a public service by Artemis Society International, and should not be construed to be an endorsement or recommendation for investment.

Your company or business may also participate in the Artemis Project. See section 10 of the Artemis Data Book for more information about program participants and sponsors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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