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What can I do to help?

There are thousands of things that need to be done to get this project going, some part of which is bound to match your interests and talents. You can participate by doing some research in areas as diverse as the specifications for spacecraft parts and the marketing of toys. You can write or do artwork for PLEIADES or ARTEMIS magazine. You can develop software for engineering or business data bases, dig through mounds of lunar data to help select the best landing site, or work through a crew activities timeline.

You'll want to get oriented first; find out what's going on, who's doing what, how it's all organized, and what still needs to be done. To do that, visit the Artemis Society International web in section 6 of the Artemis Data Book.

You'll find lists of committees and project teams in section 6.7 and section 6.8, respectively. Also check out the list of electronic mailing lists in section 9.3.

One particular area where volunteers are especially welcome is doing artwork of the spacecraft, lunar development, and the Artemis Project in general.

Finally, if your business wants to participate in the program as a sponsor, supplier, or program particpant, you'll be interested in the commercial side of the Artemis Project. Contact The Lunar Resources Company, P.O.Box 590213, Houston, TX 77259-0213; or via email to Please do not send queries about Artemis Society International to this address. Artemis Society International and The Lunar Resources Company are separate, independent entities.

We have a huge number of projects in our job jar already, and new ones will be described on the web site and in PLEIADES as they come up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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