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How to Add Your Book Reviews

Here's something that every member of Artemis Society International can do to contribute to the effort: Write a book review.

We've set up this part of the Artemis Data Book just for this.

So, what are your favorite books? They don't have to scientific journals about the moon -- if it has to do with something we need to know to carry out the Artemis Project, it'll fit. Even fiction counts, if it fits with the vision.

You can use the entry for the book about The Moon: Resources, Future Development, and Colonization as an example.

If you can scan the cover art, so much the better, but it's not necessary.

We don't need elaborate reviews, and of course can't publish a review filled with unsubstantiated opinion. (We need reviews, not critiques.) Words like "recommend reference for growing corn under lunar conditions" would be sufficient.

Submit reviews via the ASI Web Management System, or if you just can't use WebSite Director, you can email them as plain text or html to (That's WebSite Director's email address.) If you email a file, please put something like "/adb/b/01/filename" in the message subject. That'll make it lots easier to figure out where the thing goes.

You can usually email images to; however please note that Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook will corrupt image files when they are transmitted

If you have information about how one might acquire a book, such as bookstore codes or the URL of the correct page in the Lunar Traders catalog, include that, too.


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