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Lunar sourcebook: a user's guide to the moon

Lunar sourcebook
Lunar sourcebook
a user's guide to the moon
by Grant Heiken (Editor), David Vaniman, Bevan M. French, Jack Schmidt
Cambridge Univ Press
Hardcover, 736 pages, April 1991
ISBN No. 0521334446
Cover price: about $80.00


The number one reference for scientific data about the moon.

Publisher's Blurb

This extraordinary book is the only work to date to collect data gathered during the American and Soviet missions in an accessible and complete one-volume, encyclopedic reference of current scientific and technical information about the Moon. It provides a thorough introduction to lunar studies and a summary of current information about the nature of the lunar environment. It explores the formation and evolution of the Moon's surface, the chemical and mineralogical nature of lunar rocks and soils, and the current state of scientific knowledge about the nature, origin, and history of the Moon. The book is written and edited by scientists from academia, industry, and government active in every field of lunar research and all veterans of the Apollo program. Engineers, mission planners, planetary scientists, educators, and students interested in scientific study and exploration of the Moon will find this a unique and essential reference.

Where to Buy It

You can order the Lunar sourcebook from .

As of 01 Jan 2001 this book is out of print.

Non-Fiction Books about the Moon

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