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Lunar Base Handbook

by Peter Eckart
888 pages
ISBN No. 0-07-240171-0
List price: $60.75
Amazon link.

From the Author:

Dear Friends -

good news - after four years of hard work The Lunar Base Handbook has finally been published by McGraw-Hill!

The 880 p. volume provides an overview about:

* The Moon and its environment
* The current status of lunar base design
* Tools we need to design a lunar base
* Checklists and flowcharts that outline the design process
* Technological requirements of a lunar base

The main audience for this book is certainly engineers, but it also interesting for scientists, informative for managers and lawyers, understandable for undergraduates and high school students, and readable for the interested layman.

Moreover, The Lunar Base Handbook features exclusive contributions by:

Buzz Aldrin, Sheryl Bishop, Roger Bonnet, Jacques Br=E9ton, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Roland Dor=E9, Michael B. Duke, Michael Ewert, Alexander Gurshtein, Donald Henninger, Jeffrey Hoffman, Stewart Johnson, Dietrich E. Koelle, H. Hermann Koelle, John Logsdon, Shinji Matsumoto, David McKay, Wendell W. Mendell, Ernst Messerschmid, Carl Pilcher, Harry O. Ruppe, Michael Rycroft, Harrison H. Schmitt, Vladislav Shevchenko, Trevor Sorensen, Ernst Stuhlinger, Lawrence Taylor, Olga Vorobieva, Gordon Woodcock, John Young

Some thirty other well-known experts have provided support by reviewing the 24 chapters of the book.

For more information about the book and ordering information check:

I hope that you will like the book and I am looking forward to receiving your comments and suggestions!

Warmest regards from Munich,



Dr. Peter Eckart
Division of Astronautics
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
(Technical University of Munich)
85747 Garching (Munich)
phone +49-89-289-16016
fax +49-89-289-16004


From Greg Bennett:

Based on the table of contents and the quality of Peter Eckart's work to date, this one sounds like a must-read for us moon nuts. It took Peter four years of hard work to develop this book, so it's worth a look.

Peter Eckart is an assistant professor at the Division of Astronautics, Technical University of Munich, in Germany.

Non-Fiction Books about the Moon

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