CyberTeams, Inc.
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CyberTeams, Inc.
104 South Main St.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771

(301) 829-6144
(888) 832-5575
Fax (301) 607-9105

About CyberTeams Role in the Artemis Project Products

About CyberTeams

CyberTeams provides workflow-based applications for web site and web content management. These products work equally well on the World Wide Web and corporate Intranets because they were specifically designed and created to be used with users' web browsers as the application client. And, because CyberTeams participates in web standards organizations, like "World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning" (WebDAV), we can quickly integrate new standards and technologies into our products.

CyberTeams' flagship products are WebSite Director®(WSD) and TeamWSD lite. Both are server-based web-content workflow management systems. WSD provides an uncomplicated, powerful mechanism for managing the workflow process of creating and maintaining a web site. It enhances the functionality of web servers operating under Windows NT and most Unix operating environments. TeamWSD lite is a tool for web-content management aimed at Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and web hosting companies, eliminating the need for FTP and Telnet. All CyberTeams' products are web-based and can be used with the most popular web browsers from anywhere in the world.

For more information about the company, visit the CyberTeams web site at

Role in the Artemis Project

CyberTeams was founded in 1996 to develop products based on the electronic communication requirements identified by program participants in the Artemis Project. The participants in the Artemis Project represent a wide variety of industries and the founders of CyberTeams realized that the same communication problems exist throughout the business world. They discovered that the tools and techniques developed by CyberTeams to provide network-based team communication systems for the Artemis Project would dramatically reduce the cost of doing business and maintaining business organizations for all types of organizations.

CyberTeams maintains a close relationship with all of the program participants in the Artemis Project. These relationships provide continuous feedback about the individual needs and unique problems of the industries and ventures working on the project. By solving their team communication problems, CyberTeams continues to develop innovative and powerful solutions to electronic communication problems. These relationships also provide a means of testing new software products at an unprecedented level. Users of all levels of expertise are exercising the software on a wide variety of platforms and usage conditions.

CyberTeams has a sponsorship relationship with several of the non-profit participants in the Artemis Project, including Artemis Society International, the Lunar Reclamation Society, the Moon Society, and the Lunar Society. In exchange for promotional, sales referral, and other services, these non-profit organizations receive web hosting space on the CyberTeams Internet server as well as use of the CyberTeams product line.

Many of the commercial program participants in the Artemis Project are CyberTeams customers. The Lunar Resources Company, LRC Publications, Lunar Traders, LunaSoft, and TransOrbital all host their company web sites on the CyberTeams Internet server. Most of them also use CyberTeams products to maintain their web site and to provide document sharing among project teams.

CyberTeams Products

Our key products include the following:
WebSite Director®, our flagship product, is a web-site content workflow management system that optimizes corporate web site creation and maintenance. WebSite Director can be quickly tailored to a company’s existing web content approval and publication processes via the users' web browsers.

WebSite Director lite - a fully functional subset of WebSite Director that provides its users with the ability to submit and process/format documents, add and maintain a private directory, and add and maintain authorized users.

TeamWSD lite - provides central control over multiple data repositories and virtual domains and provides users with authenticated access to individual domains and multiple segments of single domains using browsers instead of direct server access. TeamWSD lite is coupled with WebSite Director lite, to allow corporate administrators to define individual user data repositories that can encompass an entire domain, or only a segment of a domain.

For more information about the CyberTeams product line, visit the CyberTeams web site at

CyberTeams, Inc.

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