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ECTC On-line Services Status Reports

January 1996

Nanci Brasket created a web page on the ASI web site that describes the Artemis presence on GEnie. We hope to have similar pages for the other on-line services soon. Candace Dicks talked to some sysops on America OnLine about setting up an Artemis "message board". MB talked to some people on MSN about setting up an Artemis presence there. Since MB is leaving MSN, he has turned over the information he gathered to the new Artemis rep on MSN, Doug Cross.

February 1996

The Artemis presence on GEnie took a major hit with the recent major change in pricing under GEnie's new ownership. Greg Bennett and several other Artemis members decided GEnie's new pricing was too much now that the Artemis Project has essentially moved to the Internet and have cancelled their GEnie accounts. Attempts are being made to work out an arrangement with GEnie's new owners to keep the official Artemis account active on GEnie so that the Artemis presence can continue. On CompuServe, Vik Olliver recently received information on starting a new forum for the Artemis Project. On MSN, a request to add an Artemis icon to the Astronomy and Space Forum was denied. Efforts are underway to identify what options exist for an Artemis presence on MSN.

March 1996

Vik Olliver received some information from the local contact for CompuServe about establishing a forum for the Artemis Project on CompuServe. A discussion about those options then occurred on the ECTC mailing list, but no plans were finalized so there has been little progress beyond the initial discussion. Candace Dicks has asked for someone else to take over the role of coordinating the Artemis presence on America OnLine now that she is very busy as the Administrator of the Office of Space Flight Technical Council. If any of you have access to AOL and would be interested in coordinating our efforts to provide Artemis Project information on AOL, let me know.

April 1996

Chris Eason, in his new role as Artemis AOL contact, contacted the OMNI Magazine Online Editor about setting up an Artemis area in the OMNI forum on America OnLine. If that plan is approved, and it looks promising, several key Artemis documents will be made available in that forum and a direct link will be established to the ASI web server.

May 1996

Vik Olliver passed on several discussions from the Spaceflight forum on CompuServe to the artemis-list mailing list. Chris Eason began classes to learn the software used on America OnLine to manage objects in a forum in preparation for maintaining an Artemis area in the OMNI Forum.

June 1996

Vik Olliver found several newsletters on CompuServe that could be good places to put references to the Artemis Project when our publicity campaign gets going.

Commercial Information Services

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