Artemis Project Graphics Library
Section 9.4.3.
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How to Submit Images to the Artemis Project Web Site

All images used in the Artemis Project web are stored in the Imagery Library with file names that reflect their ASI Imagery Library number. Before a document gets published, images it uses should be numbered and stored in the libary.

Images have a number such as ASI 95-00043r00 where:

         ASI = Artemis Society International
          95 = year
       00043 = library serial number for that year
         r00 = revision number (see notes below on rev numbers)

Requesting Image Numbers

To request an image number, send the following information to <>. Please use the form below, since we will be copying your text and pasting it into the Imagery Library data base. We'll email your fresh, new image number back to you.

     Email this form to <> with the message subject:
     "Image Number Request".
     Artemis Project Imagery Library Data Record
     1. Image Number: 
     2. File Size:
     3. Image Title: 
     4. Date: 
     5. Originator: 
     6. ASI Member Number: 
     7. ADB Section Number: 
     8. Key words 
     9. Description: 
    11. Status: 

Please put each image number request in a separate email message. That makes it much easier for Nanci to keep track of which requests she's answered. It's OK to request a number for an image before you've finished working on it.

Your Artemis Society Membership number is requested so that we can find the person who created an image even if the name in item 5 changes. In some cases this won't make sense, such as when we snitch images from NASA.

(If you don't have an Artemis Society membership number, now's the time! Get right over to the membership form and sign up! You can even sign up on line through a secure web server if you want to pay your dues with your credit card.)

Here's an example request:

     Artemis Project Imagery Library Data Record
     1. Image Number:
     2. File Size:  3K
     3. Image Title: Helium-3 Deuterium Reaction
     4. Date: 05-18-95
     5. Originator: Gregory R. Bennett
     6. ASI Member Number: 1
     7. ADB Section Number: 2.9.1
     8. Key words: helium-3, nuclear, fusion, mining, deuterium
     9. Description: Drawing of helium-3 fusion reaction
    10. Comments: Illustration for essay on helium-3 fusion reaction
    11. Status: complete

Assumptions regarding copyrights

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, we assume that images done for the Artemis Project may be freely used by the Artemis Society for publicizing and explaining the project, but that the creator of the image retains all other rights including commercial publication. Art credits will appear in the on-line Imagery Library data base, and may also appear with the images in documents unless it interferes with the graphical appearance of the document.

For more information on copyrights, see the Artemis Society Copyright Policy.

Future Plans for Images on the Artemis Project Web

You can see what's coming next. We can convert the data base output to html and keep a nice, updated list available on line. We can also program some automatic forms in the ASI domain to handle the data, but the manual mode will do for now.

Images will be stored on-line in files with names like "asi9500043r00.gif" where:

        asi = designation for Artemis Society International
         96 = year the image was created (or the year the number was
              requested from the library)
      00043 = 5-digit serial number
        r00 = revision serial number; the original is "00"
       .gif = not really part of the image number, but part of the
              file name.  It's the image format stored in this file.

If files contain exact same image stored in different formats (.gif and .jpg, for example), they have the same image number. However, variations on an image, adding details or splitting up a drawing, have separate drawing numbers. The rev number is changed only when a new version of an image is intended to replace the previous version. If two images are supposed to be active at the same time, such as two views of the Ascent Vehicle or the many different versions of the half-moon logo, give them different image numbers.

When writing html code for the web site, refer to the image number without the rev number, such as asi9500043.gif. If a new revision comes up, we can replace the old one with a file link to the latest rev, and won't have to update the html in all the different documents that use a given image. Use all lowercase for filenames so others can easily link to your images; they're case-sensitive.

We'll put all the images in the Imagery Library on the ASI domain. That way everybody can reference those images and know exactly what the URL for each image file will be.


When creating images for delivery through the World Wide Web, try to keep them no larger than 485 pixels wide by 320 pixels high. That fits the way Netscape behaves on a 640x480 computer screen.

Artemis Project Graphics Library

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