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External Web Design Guides

Apple Web Design Guide

Absolutely the best web design style guide on the net, developed by the computer industry's number one human factors experts. We haven't found anything in this guide that we disagree with. (That's a clue, especially for those who hope to get a document past the curmudgeon. ) The clear, friendly writing style also provides a good example of what we're after in the Artemis Data Book.

A note specific to the Artemis Project Web Site: The Apple Web Design Guide recommends repeating navigation links at the end of the page. Normally, you don't need to worry about this because WebSite Director takes care of it for you. In some cases we include additional navigation links within a group of documents. Local nav bars are best handled by putting the nav bar in a separate file and using WebSite Director's $include feature.

Sucky to Savvy

Jeff Glover's advice about web techniques -- which ones to avoid and which ones to use. Includes numerous examples. We use nearly all of these recommendations in the Artemis Project web site. Amusingly,, where Glover is the webmaster, does not.

RNIB Web Access Center

The Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) has extensive resources on making webpages that are accessible to to the visually impaired. If you drill down through their many links, you will find checklists, examples of the effect of color deficits, and, of particular interest, the Clear Print guidelines, which RNIB claims represent an improvement on the traditional large-print styles.

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

A good article discussing some common problems in Web design and how to avoid them.

Yale Manual of Style

An especially good reference for those writing documents for the Artemis Data Book, because the guidelines presented were developed by people whose mission is to present instructional media on the net. The primary focus of the Yale Manual of Style is on graphic page design for effective communication.

Ask Tog

Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini is one of the leaders in human interface design. He has dedicated a fair portion of his web site to Web design issues. Some caution is advised; Tog seems to be as susceptible to professional arrogance as anyone.

Tog's First Principles in Design contains the basic rules of designing computer interfaces (including Web interfaces) for humans, and is a good place for all Web designers to start.

Creating Killer Web Sites

Here you'll find a host of information about graphics tools and techniques. Over-worked, slow-loading graphics made this an excellent example of a badly designed web site; but webmaster David Seigel has fixed many of the mistakes in the Second Edition. The site still commits one of the cardinal sins of bad web design: a splash screen with a single, hard-to-find link to the content.

Web Site Design

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