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Section 9.4.1.
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Interim Web Management System Flow

This document currently documents historical data. Today we use WebSite Director for all web management and work flow assistance.


Access to the /staging directory is available only to the ASI Board of Directors and the ASI Web Team and is managed by TeamSite Lite.



Author submits recommended changes or new document to the ASI Interim Web Management System via email to or by upload through the Interim Web System.

Initial Review

ASI Board Member approves document or recommended changes for web processing and moves document or change request to /staging/webformat directory.


Web Formatting

ASI Web Team member formats document for ASI web or makes requested changes to existing web document and moves updated document to /staging/editing directory.



Editors correct spelling, grammar, and usage and move document to /staging/final directory.


Final Review

When document arrives in /staging/final, an ASI Board member reviews it. If document needs additional technical review or a review of its effect on ASI Administration or Artemis Project policy, the ASI Board member forwards document to one of the technical committees or the ASI admin team or a representative of TLRC.

When all necessary reviews are complete, ASI Board member approves final version of document and moves it to /pending directory for author's final review.


Request Author Review

The /pending directory is outside of the staging system. ASI Web Team member uses the Author Approval System to send a request to document author for final approval of the changes. Document is automatically moved by the Author Approval System to /pending/{author} directory (where {author} is the user id entered by the ASI Web Team member).


Author Review

When the author approves the changes using the Author Approval System, the document is automatically moved to the /staging/published directory to await final publishing to the ASI web site.


Move Document to Public Web

Finally, an ASI Board member moves document to public web space.


Document is available to the public.

Document is now available in the Artemis Project public web space and can be viewed by anyone.

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