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Section 9.4.1.
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Style Guide for Artemis Project Web Site Documents

This document provides guidelines for writing style and content that you should consider when preparing a document for the Artemis Data Book. Please refer to the HTML Formatting Guide for guidelines on HTML coding styles to be used in creating a document for the Artemis Project Web Site.

Your document might require some variation from this style guide, but please follow these guidelines as closely as you reasonably can. Using this style guide:

This style guide will change as different situations arise, so be sure to check this document regularly for updates. If you have any questions or concerns, drop a line to the ASI Web Team at <>.

Writing Style and Content

Most of the material published on the ASI Web Site will deal with technical matters. For this type of material, use a moderately formal essay or technical paper format.

Some material, such as the Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Raised Objections, requires a more conversational tone. Adapt your writing style to fit the material.

Use the active voice in your writing. Say "Use the active voice in your writing," not "The active voice should be used in your writing."

Use simple words. If a 5-cent word does the job, don't use a 10-dollar word! You don't want to come across as talking down to the readers, nor do you want readers to scratch their heads wondering what you're saying.

Avoid social issues unless they are directly relevant to the Artemis Project. This is not a forum for personal crusades.

Use graphics where needed to communicate your message. Do not use graphics strictly for effect; they require too much download time and produce excessive loading on the web server.

When listing data, always list the English units first, followed by the metric equivalent in parentheses.

Lists (Numbered and Bulleted)

Use numbered lists for the following situations:

Use bulleted lists if the order of items in the list does not matter.

Copyrighted Material

If you use copyrighted material other than by reference, or a brief citation within the doctrine of fair use, be sure that:

This document is updated from time to time to reflect current Artemis Society policy and practice. Please check frequently for updates.

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