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Section 9.4.1.
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Related External Web Sites (REWS) Documents Guidelines

When a Related External Web Sites (rews.html) document comes your way, here is what to do:
  1. Check the destination directory to see if there is already a rews.html document in there. If so, merge the new goodies into the existing document. To do that, you will need to submit a Modify Document request for the old document, with the new stuff added. Only add the new stuff if it is good, though. (See below.)

    If you merge new data into an existing document, toss the extra submittal into the trash bin when you are done.

  2. Check the URLs to make sure they are good, and also spend enough time looking at the referenced documents to make sure they (a) address the topic of that section of the Artemis Data Book, and (b) contain valuable information.

    Sometimes people submit REWS documents that are whatever comes out of a web search. Sometimes they are just trying to advertise their own web sites. And sometimes the title sounds good, but the referenced document doesn't really contain anything of value. (We get a lot of these.)

    If some of the links are good and some are not, just edit out the junk. If it is all junk, reject it back to the author. If you don't feel comfortable with rejecting a document back to the author, or aren't sure, just write a note about your concerns in the comments field and send it back to Initial Entry.

    Any time you are not sure, just send it back to the author.

  3. Format it in HTML.

    When linking to a document outside the Artemis Data Book, include target="_blank" in the anchor tag, thus:

    <a href="" target="_blank">Great Stuff</a>

    This causes the user's browser to open the document in a new window, so that the user doesn't lose contact with the ASI site.

  4. Take care of any obvious editing, if you feel comfortable with this. Note any concerns or more work that it needs (such as a serious editing job) in the Comments field.

  5. When it is all ready, approve the document to the Editing stage.

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