1996 Web Development Status Reports
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1996 World Wide Web Status Reports

January 1996

Greg Bennett updated the draft copy of the ASI Internet Site Design document, which is available on the ASI web site. Greg Bennett, Randall Severy, Simon Rowland, Nanci Brasket, Dana Carson, and several others have updated and created numerous web pages on the ASI web site. A new team, the Artemis Web Maintenance Team, was formed to handle updating and maintaining the Artemis web site. Led by Dana Carson, the Artemis Webmaster, the team is responsible for receiving web page updates and new contributions from other Artemis members, reformatting the documents to match the style of the ASI web site, and updating the web server with the new documents. If you have updates to any ASI web pages, or have some new documents that should be put on the web server, either as text or HTML documents, send them to the Web team at <> and they will be put on the web server.

February 1996

Russ Myrick took on the daunting task of organizing and updating the ASI Internet Site Design document. Numerous additions to the ASI web site were made this past month, with a variety of new ADB pages contributed by Simon Rowland. Nanci Brasket started compiling a list of ASI web pages and began the difficult task of tracking down who is responsible for each page.

March 1996

The Artemis Data Book (ADB) on the ASI web server had a large amount of new content added this month. Simon Rowland has spent the last few months digging through the archives of the artemis-list mailing list and many of the past discussions are now summarized on ADB web pages, thanks to Simon. Simon has also started an effort to gather more ADB material from the Artemis community, so the ADB should continue to grow at a fast rate in the near future.

Two new tasks were added to the Web Server section of the ECTC task list this month. The first task is a result of some recent private discussions on overhauling the ASI web server home page to provide a better "front door" to the project that attracts and retains visitors to the site. No one has stepped forward yet to volunteer for this task, so if you have some good graphics and layout design skills, please step forward! The second task is for someone to coordinate the layout and content of the Artemis Data Book on the ASI web site. As a major contributor to the ADB, Simon Rowland was a natural fit for the role, and fortunately he volunteered for the task immediately.

April 1996

The Artemis Data Book (ADB) on the ASI web server has grown by an exponential amount this month, thanks to the almost single-handed efforts of Simon Rowland, the ADB "book boss". Simon has finished going through the artemis-list mail archives for material for the ADB, and has just started on the GEnie archives, which should provide lots of new material for the ADB.

The task that was started last month to overhaul the ASI web server home page saw a lot of activity this past month as an extremely active discussion about the home page occurred on the ECTC mailing list. To focus the discussion on a specific target, the team has agreed on the end of May as the target date for completing the design of the new "front door". If you have any ideas or suggestions in this area, please don't hesitate in passing them on to the ECTC at We are still looking for a volunteer to coordinate the brainstorming and design efforts for the home page, so if you are interested (you don't even have to know anything about HTML) let the ECTC know as soon as possible.

May 1996

Simon Rowland continued his almost single-handed attempt at growing the Artemis Data Book (ADB) exponentially each month, with a large number of new updates added to the web site. The concentrated design effort that was started at the beginning of the month to develop a new ASI home page saw an enormous amount of effort by a large portion of the ECTC during the month. Randall Severy put together a strawman test page early in the month and the entire ECTC pushed, prodded, and molded the page until by the end of the month it met the approval of most of the people who worked on it. The exact textual content of the page and the images assigned to the "buttons" on the page still need to be finalized, but that effort should be completed in the next few weeks and soon afterwards you should see an announcement about the new "facelift" for the ASI web site.

The large number of updates that have been occurring on the ASI web server has strained the abilities of the current web site maintenance staff to keep up with the flood of changes. Since all of the current updates involve a very manual and labor-intensive process involving several people, a discussion ensued in the ECTC about developing an automated Web Site Maintenance System that could be used to reduce the workload needed to maintain the web site. This system would be based on some kind of database on the web site that would keep track of updated pages as they moved through the copyediting, technical approval, and style editing phases of the web maintenance process. Using web forms backed by Perl or C programs, this system would elimate much of the duplicate, error-prone, and manual updating that is currently done. If you have any experience with systems of that type, or would like to learn, let the ECTC know as soon as possible.

Simon Rowland set up a series of web forms to allow people to join and volunteer for work in several new Technical Committees that are being formed. Randall Severy wrote the Perl scripts to support those forms. Candace Dicks developed a group of web forms and Perl scripts to allow people to join different project teams within the Office of Space Flight.

June 1996

The Artemis Data Book (ADB) continued to grow at a rapid pace, thanks to the undaunted efforts of Simon Rowland (now that school is out for the summer, we may *really* be in trouble!). The new ASI home page is almost completed and is waiting for Greg to recover from Artemis '96 to put the finishing touches on it. Randall Severy put together a prototype of the ASI Web Management System and the overall design of the system was discussed at Artemis '96. John Peel started an outline of the Web Page procedure guide, which should show up on the web site in the near future. Dale Amon set up an account and web space on his server in Ireland in preparation for becoming a mirror site of the ASI web server.

1996 Web Development Status Reports

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