Electronic Mailing Lists
Section 9.3.
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Electronic Mailing Lists

For discussion on how mailing lists can improve communication, please see:

The Artemis Project mailing lists are all located on the server and all e-mail sent to the list is distributed by the Majordomo mailing list server system. Subscriptions for many of the lists, however, is handled by the Team Director membership system, so Majordomo is not used to subscribe or unsubscribe from those lists. For those lists that are not yet managed by Team Director, use the Majordomo commands listed below to subscribe or unsubscribe to the lists.

Most of the Artemis Project mailing lists are for Artemis Society International members only. If you are not yet an ASI member, you can find information on joining on the Join Artemis Society International web page.

Public Majordomo Mailing Lists

The following two mailing lists are open to the general public; you do not need to be an ASI member to join these lists.

Members-Only Mailing Lists

Artemis Society International also operates dozens of members-only communication forums. These forums are described in the companion document in the members-only web.

Electronic Mailing Lists

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