Electronic Communications Technical Committee
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Artemis Electronic Communication Improvements

Note: The following article appeared in the Pleiades section of the January 1996 Moon Miner's Review newsletter:

One of the fundamental aspects of the Artemis Society is the strong reliance on electronic communication. The Artemis Project started in a single topic in a GEnie roundtable and then expanded to its own category on GEnie. Since a growing number of participants were not on GEnie, an Internet mailing list (artemis-list) was established, and later an automated gateway was added between the mailing list and GEnie.

As the number of subscribers to artemis-list continued to grow, the volume of messages to the list grew as well, to the point that several people dropped out of the list because they could no longer keep up with the discussions. The Artemis Society has reached a point where a single mailing list can no longer support all of the electronic communications needs of the organization. Fortunately, the recent establishment of the Artemis Technical Committees provides the ideal opportunity to improve the electronic communications infrastructure of the Artemis Project to properly handle current and future requirements.

Developing a plan for these improvements was the first task of the new Artemis Electronic Communications Technical Committee. This committee currently includes the following people: Randall Severy (chair), Nanci Brasket, Dana Carson, Nick Grabien, David Brummel, Steve Jackson, Dale Amon, Michael Wallis, and Craig Zook. The committee recently developed the following sketch of the planned Artemis electronic communications infrastructure:

Drawing of Electronic Communications Architecture The core part of the communications infrastructure will be the numerous, topic-oriented mailing lists, which will be set up with automated gateways to every other communications environment. Postings to any one area will be distributed to every other area of the communications environment, so people can use whichever communications medium they are most comfortable with. Archives of the mailing lists, along with transcripts from real-time meetings, will be stored on servers accessible by ftp, WWW, or e-mail.

Each Artemis Technical Committee will choose whether to set up their own individual set of communication areas (such as a separate mailing list, newsgroup, etc.) or to share a common area with general Artemis communications (such as the existing artemis-list mailing list). Mailing lists will be created in the "" domain by members of the Electronic Communications committee, but could be administered remotely by someone from the committee using the mailing list. Each Technical Committee can also decide whether to make their communications private (closed mailing lists, private news server, etc.) or open to the public.

Actually implementing all of these improvements will be the primary responsibility of the Electronic Communications Technical Committee, with help from many others. If you would like to help in this effort or have some suggestions on other ways to improve the Artemis project communications, you can reach the Electronic Communications Technical Committee by e-mail at "".

Electronic Communications Technical Committee

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