Electronic Communications Technical Committee
Section 9.1.
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ECTC Task List

This document contains a list of all of the work currently in progress and planned for the Electronic Communications Technical Committee. Previous status reports can be found in the 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999 ECTC Status Report Archive directories. Some design information about individual tasks and current research ideas can be found in the Task Information and Design Discussions page. Links below each task section will take you to summary information about the task area, status reports, and individual sections of the detailed task information page. If you would like to help with any of these tasks, fill out and submit the volunteer form at the bottom of this document.

Membership Support

  1. Advertise ASI Web Site in Internet Search Engines
         Candace Dicks (Lead), John Peel
  2. Maintain Artemis Open Directory category
         Jim Burk (Lead), Jim Sealy, Jr.
  3. Newsmonger - Maintain ASI Online News and write ASI Newsletter
         David Wetnight (Lead)
  4. Develop and Maintain ASI Membership Database System
         Randall Severy - CyberTeams commercial product (Lead)
         Bobby Will, Predrag Lezaic, Candace Dicks
  5. Write response and delegation of authority guidelines
         Bobby Will (Lead)

Help Desk

  1. Respond to or forward Electronic Communications questions
         Nanci Brasket (Lead)
  2. Develop and maintain automated help desk software
         Randall Severy - CyberTeams commercial product
  3. Maintain automated help desk environment
  4. Monitor and respond to entries in the web site guestbook
         Robert Dahlquist
  5. Monitor and respond to newsgroup postings where appropriate
  6. Develop and Maintain New Volunteer Interview System
         David Lundeen (Lead), Tim Cadell, Candace Dicks
  7. Establish and administer a mentoring program
         Scotty Gammenthaler (Lead)
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Electronic Mailing Lists

  1. Maintain the electronic communication procedure guide for Technical Committees
         Scotty Gammenthaler (Lead)
  2. Write conversation guidelines for electronic discussions
         Rhoda Bryant (Lead)
  3. Define mailing lists to be created for Technical Committees
         Bobby Will (Lead), Simon Rowland
  4. Create and maintain mailing lists for Technical Committees
         Bobby Will (Lead)
  5. Implement mail and transcript archives accessible by e-mail requests
  6. Implement mail and transcript archives accessible by FTP
  7. Manage Artemis General Discussion Mailing List (artemis-list)
         John Wertz (Lead), Tim Cadell
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World Wide Web Server

  1. Design, update, and maintain the Artemis Home Page
         Greg Bennett (Lead)
  2. Coordinate and maintain the Artemis Data Book Outline
         John Wertz (Lead), David Lundeen
  3. Maintain the procedure guide for adding and updating Artemis web pages
         John Peel
  4. Maintain the style guide for Artemis web pages
  5. ASI Web Team - Provide assistance in adding and updating Artemis web pages
          John Wertz (Lead), Brad Ackerman, Greg Bennett, Jim Burk, Dana Carson,
          Candace Dicks, Scotty Gammenthaler, Aaron Gilliland, Tom Hopper, Jens Lerch,
          Greg Lynn, Tom Merkle, Valentin Navarrete, Jim Sealy, Jr., Randall Severy,
          Leah Simpson, David Wetnight, Jr.
    1. Update and maintain the Internet Site Design document in the ADB
           Candace Dicks, Tim Cadell
    2. Design and Maintain Web Site Tour
           Robert Dahlquist (Lead), Bobby Will, Scotty Gammenthaler
    3. Broken Links Project
           John Wertz (Lead)
    4. FAQ/FRO Redesign
           Scotty Gammenthaler (Lead), Greg Bennett, Leah Simpson
    5. Header and Footer Redesign
           John Peel (Lead), Candace Dicks, Scotty Gammenthaler, Jeremy Kraemer
    6. Moon Miners Manifesto Archives
           Candace Dicks (Lead), Peter Kokh, Jeremy Kraemer
  6. Maintain Web search engine
         Bobby Will, Dana Carson
  7. Maintain ASI Web Page Maintenance System
         Randall Severy - CyberTeams commercial product
  8. Maintain CGI scripts on web site
         Randall Severy (Lead), Tim Cadell
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WWW Conversation Pages

  1. Install Web conversation software
         Randall Severy
  2. Create Artemis Web conversation pages for Technical Committees
         Randall Severy
  3. Acquire mailing list to web page gateway software
         Randall Severy
  4. Create and maintain mailing list to web page gateways
         Randall Severy
  5. Implement mail and transcript archives accessible from web pages
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Usenet newsgroups

  1. Acquire mailing list to newsgroup gateway software
         Randall Severy
  2. Create and maintain mailing list to newsgroup gateways
         Randall Severy
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Online Services

  1. Establish and maintain an Artemis presence on Online Services:
[ Summary | Status | Info ]

Real-time Meetings

  1. Write procedure guides for Artemis real-time meetings
         David Pagan
  2. Manage Artemis IRC Channel
         David Pagan
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  1. Develop and maintain an "Electronic Communications FAQ" document
         Joelle Cowan (Lead)
  2. Maintain historical and statistical records about the Artemis Project electronic communications infrastructure
         Bobby Will, Greg Lynn
  3. Define a program of Promotions and Titles for ECTC Volunteers
         Greg Bennett
  4. Establish a Contributor of the Month Award
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The Electronic Communications Technical Committee is always looking for additional volunteers to help with the tasks listed above. If you are willing to help, even if you don't have any experience in the area you would like to work in, please fill in the volunteer form below and join the team! Feel free to volunteer for tasks that already have people working on them, as most of the tasks can easily use more than one person. If you want to help on more than one task, simply fill out the form and submit it separately for each task. If you are using a browser that doesn't support forms, send mail with the task you want to help with to

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Electronic Communications Technical Committee

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