Electronic Communications Technical Committee
Section 9.1.
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ECTC Overview and Membership

The Electronic Communications Technical Committee (ECTC) is responsible for all aspects of electronic communication for the Artemis Society. This includes maintaining the mailing lists, web server, and newsgroups that are used for communication among members of the Artemis Society. The ECTC also provides information about Artemis on various on-line services and maintains gateways to on-line service forums and bulletin board networks.

The ECTC is unique among the Artemis Technical Committees because the issues of Electronic Communication impact just about every aspect of the Artemis Society. Greg describes the ECTC as "the functional equivalent of departments responsible for facilities, internal communication, security, logistics, repro, the mailroom, community relations, and even publications". Because of the different roles that the ECTC plays, there are three different types of members in the ECTC:

If you would like to join the ECTC, fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page. To see what activities are currently going on in the ECTC, look at the ECTC Task List. To volunteer for one of those tasks, fill out and submit the form on the Task List page.

Most of the discussions about ECTC activities occur in the ECTC mailing list, When you join the ECTC, you are automatically subscribed to the ECTC mailing list, so you don't need to subscribe to the list separately. The ECTC produces a monthly status report that is mailed to the mailing list. Archives of previous status reports are available in the 1996, 1997, and 1998 ECTC Status Report Archive directories. The ECTC holds monthly real-time meetings using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). For more information about the ASI IRC meetings, look at the Real-Time Meetings section of the Artemis Data Book. Transcripts of past ECTC IRC meetings are available from the ECTC IRC Transcripts page.

You can see pictures of some of the ECTC members in the ECTC Picture Gallery.

The current membership of the ECTC is as follows:


Brad Ackerman (   [ASI Web Team]
Dale Amon (
Greg Bennett (   [ASI Web Team]
Nanci Brasket (   [ASI Web Team]
Rhoda Bryant (   {ICQ: 1940748}   [ASI Web Team]
Jim Burk (   [ASI Web Team]
Tim Cadell (   {ICQ: 3902409}   [ASI Web Team]
Dana Carson (   [ASI Webmaster]  [ASI Web Team]
Joelle Cowan (   {ICQ: 4194217}
Robert Dahlquist (
Candace Dicks (   {ICQ: 3910767}   [ECTC Administrator]   [ASI Web Team]
Scotty Gammenthaler (   {ICQ: 156709}   [ASI Web Team]
Tom Hopper (   [ASI Web Team]
Jeremy Kraemer (   [ASI Web Team]
Predrag Lezaic [ASI Web Team]
David Lundeen (
Gregory Lynn (   [ASI Web Team]
Thomas Merkle (   [ASI Web Team]
Vik Olliver (
David Pagan (
John Peel (   {ICQ: 5061930}   [ASI Web Team]
Simon Rowland (   {ICQ: 5321682}   [ASI Web Team]
Jim Sealy, Jr. (   [ASI Web Team]
Randall Severy (   {ICQ: 2828518}   [Chairman]  [ASI Web Team]
Leah Simpson   [ASI Web Team]
John Wertz (   {ICQ: 4693569}   [ASI Web Team Leader]
David Wetnight (   [ASI Newsmonger]   [ASI Web Team]
Tom Wheeler (   [ASI Web Team]
Bobby Will (   {ICQ: 3915486}   [Rep for Admin Committee]
[ASI Web Team]   [ASI Listmaster]


Charles Collier    (     [Propulsion Committee]


Brian Coleman (
Doug Cross (
Scott Hutchens (
James Jones (
Jens Lerch (   [ASI Web Team]
Michael Mealling (
Paul Morris (
Valentin Navarrete (   [ASI Web Team]
Boise Pearson (
Wayne Pierce (
Eric Roellig (
Patrick Russell (
Karim Sharif (
Mark Sumner (
Rob Winchester (

Joining the ECTC

The Electronic Communications Technical Committee always welcomes new members, reps, or observers. If you would like to join the ECTC, please fill in the form below and join the team! If you are using a browser that doesn't support forms, send mail with the type of member you would like to be to

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Electronic Communications Technical Committee

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