1996 ECTC Status Reports
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June 1996 ECTC Status Report

The Electronic Communications Technical Committee had a busy month in June, capped by a wild and wonderful weekend at Artemis '96 at the end of June. Several sessions at Artemis '96 involved ECTC-related matters, and a variety of issues were resolved and many plans were made at the conference. Dana Carson gave an update on the move of the domain to a new ISP and it looks like the move will take place as soon as two issues, one business-related and the other technical, have been taken care of. With many of the ECTC projects lined up waiting for the move, it looks like the rest of 1996 will be extremely busy for this committee.

The ECTC continued to expand this past month, with some of the new faces filling some key new roles in the ECTC task list. Marvin Ostrega joined the team and will be helping Simon Rowland with updating and maintaining the Artemis Data Book. Marvin will also be working on additional BBS interfaces for the Artemis mailing lists. Brad Ackerman signed on and immediately jumped into two key areas of the ECTC task list, the Web conversation pages, and the Real-Time Meetings section (with the help of Brian Cesar). Two additional new members, Robert Corkum and Yosi Brosh, round out the new faces in the team. Although he never formally left, Dale Amon resurfaced from several months of being busy with other activities and became active in the ECTC once again. Both Dale and Brian Cesar joined the growing number of ECTC members who have gone through e-mail address changes. You can find the complete ECTC membership listing at

There were no additions to the ECTC task list this month, but with the increase in ECTC membership we had a few more names attached to the existing task list. Marvin Ostrega joined Simon Rowland in working on the Artemis Data Book and linked up with David Brummel and Jim Nobles in looking at connections to bulletin boards. John Peel took on the task of writing the Artemis web page procedure guide. Randall Severy began working on the ASI Web Page Maintenance System. Brad Ackerman started working on the Web conversation software, and with Brian Cesar started looking into using IRC for real-time meetings. And last but not least, Dale Amon started working again on the Artemis newsgroups after a several month sabbatical. Even with all these new volunteers, however, there are still large gaps in the ECTC task list. If you would like to join the ECTC and help out, please check the ECTC task list on the ASI web site at and sign up for anything that interests you, even those tasks that already have people working on them.

Here is the latest status information from the individual work areas within the ECTC:

Help Desk

Nanci Brasket continued answering questions directed to the Comm and Info Center. Nanci reorganized the Image Library index into separate index files for each year. She also added seventeen new images to the image library and edited sixty-one new or updated ASI web pages.

Listserver Mailing Lists

A new list, asi-osf-leads, was added this month to provide a private discussion group for the chairpersons of all of the OSF Technical Committees and Project Teams.

World Wide Web Server

The Artemis Data Book (ADB) continued to grow at a rapid pace, thanks to the undaunted efforts of Simon Rowland (now that school is out for the summer, we may *really* be in trouble!). The new ASI home page is almost completed and is waiting for Greg to recover from Artemis '96 to put the finishing touches on it. Randall Severy put together a prototype of the ASI Web Management System and the overall design of the system was discussed at Artemis '96. John Peel started an outline of the Web Page procedure guide, which should show up on the web site in the near future. Dale Amon set up an account and web space on his server in Ireland in preparation for becoming a mirror site of the ASI web server.

WWW Conversation Pages

Brad Ackerman started researching potential tools for implementing Web conversation pages and decided on the HyperNews system from NCSA. Brad is now waiting for the upcoming move of the domain to begin installing and configuring the web conversation environment.

Usenet newsgroups

Dale Amon restarted his efforts in planning the Artemis newsgroups.

On-line services

Vik Olliver found several newsletters on CompuServe that could be good places to put references to the Artemis Project when our publicity campaign gets going.

Bulletin Boards

Marvin Ostrega volunteered to look into additional connections to bulletin board systems.

Real-time Meetings

Brian Cesar and Brad Ackerman did some research on various options for holding Artemis real-time meetings and settled on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as the most promising environment to start with. A discussion in the ECTC mailing list about public vs. private IRC servers led to the plan to first set up Artemis "channels" on existing IRC networks, with the future option of setting up our own IRC server on's new home. Brian and Brad are working on a Real-Time Meetings procedure guide that will include instructions on getting set up to access an IRC server and how to join real-time Artemis discussions.


Doug Cross started collecting usage data from the ASI web site for a database that will be able to provide historical and statistical records about the Artemis Project electronic communications infrastructure.

1996 ECTC Status Reports

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