1996 ECTC Status Reports
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February 1996 ECTC Status Report

After getting off to a busy start in January, the Artemis Electronic Communications Technical Committee lost some momentum in February. Many of the ECTC tasks saw little or no progress during the last month, as you'll see from the details. Much of the ECTC "slowdown" was caused by delays in moving the and domains to a new ISP, as many of the ECTC tasks are on hold until the move occurs. Although we had hoped to have more news about the move by this time, there has been progress in that area and we should have a more informative update in a week or two.

This past month we welcomed three new members of the ECTC, Doug Budzak, Russ Myrick, and Joseph Strout. Doug is updating the "Things You Can Do" web pages, Russ is tackling the ASI Site Design document, and Joe is setting up the "What's going on in ASI" web pages. Despite the growing number of ECTC members, there is still far more work that needs to be done than we have people, so we are still looking for additional ECTC members. Check out the ECTC task list on the ASI web site and sign up for anything that interests you. Feel free to sign up for tasks that already have people working on them, many of the ECTC members are extremely busy and can always use help.

Even if you don't feel qualified to join the ECTC (and the only qualifications are enthusiasm and a willingness to learn!), all of you can help out the ECTC by providing information about the Artemis Project. We are especially looking for submissions of design notes, plans, drawings, ideas, and anything else that can be put on the ASI web server and shared with the rest of the Artemis Society. You don't need to know HTML to contribute to the web site, simply send documents in any format to the ASI web team at and they'll figure out what to do with them. We also need submissions for the "What's going on in ASI" service, which will post current activities and events on the ASI web site and send updates to other interested parties, such as the newsgroups. If you have any "news" that should be published in the "What's going on in ASI" service, send it to

And now, here is the latest status information from the individual work areas within the ECTC:

Help Desk

Nanci Brasket answered numerous questions directed to the Comm and Info Center.

Listserver Mailing Lists

A new mailing list, asi-org-local, was created to support the local Artemis chapters. Randall Severy wrote the first draft of the "Electronic Communication Procedure Guide for Artemis Technical Committees", which provides a set of instructions for setting up and using the different parts of the ASI electronic communications infrastructure. The draft document can be found on the ASI web site from a link in the ECTC task list. The master list of mailing lists was updated with several additional planned mailing lists. Randall Severy completed the review of mailing list server software (the review can be found on the ASI web site from a link in the ECTC task list), which concludes that the Unix ListProc software would be the best package to use for the Artemis mailing lists.

World Wide Web Server

Russ Myrick took on the daunting task of organizing and updating the ASI Internet Site Design document. Numerous additions to the ASI web site were made this past month, with a variety of new ADB pages contributed by Simon Rowland. Nanci Brasket started compiling a list of ASI web pages and began the difficult task of tracking down who is responsible for each page.

WWW Conversation Pages

No progress to report this month.

Usenet newsgroups

No progress to report this month.

On-line services

The Artemis presence on GEnie took a major hit with the recent major change in pricing under GEnie's new ownership. Greg Bennett and several other Artemis members decided GEnie's new pricing was too much now that the Artemis Project has essentially moved to the Internet and have cancelled their GEnie accounts. Attempts are being made to work out an arrangement with GEnie's new owners to keep the official Artemis account active on GEnie so that the Artemis presence can continue. On CompuServe, Vik Olliver recently received information on starting a new forum for the Artemis Project. On MSN, a request to add an Artemis icon to the Astronomy and Space Forum was denied. Efforts are underway to identify what options exist for an Artemis presence on MSN.

Bulletin Boards

No progress to report this month.

Real-time Meetings

No progress to report this month.


Joe Strout put together a first draft of a "What's going on in ASI" web page, but is still waiting for submissions to put on the page. He sent an initial request for contributions to the artemis-list mailing list, but the responses were underwhelming (Come on, folks, doesn't *anyone* have any news to report?).

1996 ECTC Status Reports

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