1996 ECTC Status Reports
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April 1996 ECTC Status Report

Despite some difficulties and challenges in several key areas, the Electronic Communications Technical Committee got back in gear and had a productive month in April. The wait for moving the domain to a new ISP continued, but a decision was made to no longer wait for the move to implement many of the plans of the ECTC. The move itself, as well as updates to the ASI web server, were heavily impacted by the breakdown of Dana Carson's Mac. Dana is the Artemis Webmaster and has been coordinating the process of moving the domain. The rest of the ECTC tried to fill in as best as they could in Dana's absence, but we are all hoping for Dana's speedy return to our electronic community.

We welcomed several new members to the ECTC this past month. Chris Eason took over the role of Artemis contact on America OnLine, allowing Candace Dicks to devote more of her time to the Office of Space Flight. John Peel joined the team and volunteered to help out with some of the procedure guides. Rounding out the new additions are Brian Cesar, John Kavanagh, and Ray Vanlandingham. In the area of changes, in what is a common occurrance in the Internet arena Rick Bier and Charles Collier have changed their e-mail addresses. You can find the complete ECTC membership, along with e-mail addresses and home pages, on the ECTC web page at

As always, we are constantly looking for new ECTC members to help with the rapidly growing workload the committee has to deal with. Check out the ECTC task list ( and please sign up for anything that interests you. Feel free to sign up for tasks that already have people working on them, many of the ECTC members are extremely busy and can always use help. One of the key tasks we are trying to fill right now is someone to coordinate the design and implementation of a new ASI web server home page. We are also looking for people to help out in setting up and maintaining newsgroups and to write a procedure guide for updating the ASI web site. Since all of the ECTC tasks are a team effort, you don't need to have a lot of special skills to do any of the tasks. Those skills exist throughout the ECTC team and you can call on anyone else in the team for help.

Here is the latest status information from the individual work areas within the ECTC:

Help Desk

Nanci Brasket continued answering questions directed to the Comm and Info Center. Nanci also added eight new images to the ASI image library and edited several hundred ASI web pages.

Listserver Mailing Lists

Since the ASI domain move has not yet taken place, we decided not to wait on setting up several new mailing lists this month. The art-biz mailing list was set up to handle general business discussions about the Artemis Project. The art-biz-cdrom list will handle those discussions relating to the new CD-ROM project. The Lunar Outpost Advanced Planning Technical Committee now has their own mailing list, art-moonbase. A new mailing list, art-prop, is also now available for the Propulsion Technical Committee. The newly formed SSTO Concept Design Team can use the new list art-ssto for their team discussions. Information about joining any of these mailing lists is available from the Mailing Lists web page at

World Wide Web Server

The Artemis Data Book (ADB) on the ASI web server has grown by an exponential amount this month, thanks to the almost single-handed efforts of Simon Rowland, the ADB "book boss". Simon has finished going through the artemis-list mail archives for material for the ADB, and has just started on the GEnie archives, which should provide lots of new material for the ADB.

The task that was started last month to overhaul the ASI web server home page saw a lot of activity this past month as an extremely active discussion about the home page occurred on the ECTC mailing list. To focus the discussion on a specific target, the team has agreed on the end of May as the target date for completing the design of the new "front door". If you have any ideas or suggestions in this area, please don't hesitate in passing them on to the ECTC at We are still looking for a volunteer to coordinate the brainstorming and design efforts for the home page, so if you are interested (you don't even have to know anything about HTML) let the ECTC know as soon as possible.

WWW Conversation Pages

Randall Severy has done some additional research into available tools to support web conversation pages. Despite the lack of an integrated mailing-list interface, HyperNews seems to be the best candidate for our needs and appears to be the most popular non-commercial solution currently available on the web. The actual implementation of this capability is currently waiting for the ASI domain move.

Usenet newsgroups

No progress to report this month.

On-line services

Chris Eason, in his new role as Artemis AOL contact, contacted the OMNI Magazine Online Editor about setting up an Artemis area in the OMNI forum on America OnLine. If that plan is approved, and it looks promising, several key Artemis documents will be made available in that forum and a direct link will be established to the ASI web server.

Bulletin Boards

David Brummel wrote up a description of the gateway he runs between several Artemis mailing lists and the FidoNet BBS network. The description is available on the ASI web site. Jim Nobles began exploring the possibility of setting up a link between the Artemis mailing lists and the RIME BBS network. His description of the proposed gateway is also available on the ASI web site.

Real-time Meetings

No progress to report this month.


Tom Hopper worked on a basic outline for the EC FAQ.

1996 ECTC Status Reports

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