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Things You Can Do

6. Things You Can Do

There are thousands of things that need to be done to keep the Artemis Project on the path to the moon. Some part of the project is bound to match your interests and talents. You can participate by doing some research in areas as diverse as the specifications for spacecraft parts and the marketing of toys. You can write or create artwork for Pleiades or Artemis Magazine. You can develop software for engineering or business data bases, dig through mounds of lunar data to help select the best landing site, or work through a crew activities timeline.

  1. Join the Artemis Society

  2. Join and contribute to online discussion forums. See the list of mailing lists in section 9.3 of the Artemis Data Book.

  3. Do a quick web research project to find other web sites that should be referenced in a Related External Web Sites under any topic on the Artemis Project web.

  4. Write a book review and add it to the Artemis Project Bibliography.

  5. Choose a project from one of the many Artemis Society International organizations' task lists:

    Help Build the Artemis Society

    Help Build the Spacecraft

    Help Build the Business

  6. Check out the List of Technical Committees and Project Teams, select groups you're interested in, and write to the team leaders to see what you can do. Also, we have forms online to join Technical Committees and Project Teams.

  7. Start a Local Chapter for your area and spread the word!

  8. Write papers for the Artemis Data Book on topics applicable to the Artemis Project.

  9. Create artwork depicting any element of the Artemis Project. The Reference Mission, lunar development and tourism, and the concepts behind the Artemis Project need artists to work on them especially, but the whole project, from its initial inception through the grand vision of launching planetary spacecraft from Luna, is fair game. Artemis Society International requests permission to publish your work here on the Artemis Project web, but you retain copyright to your work. (Note that most of the Artemis Project spacecraft designs are copyrighted, so your art might be derivative work. In that case, you'll need permission from the copyright holder to publish a depiction of the space craft.)

  10. If you're in a decision-making position for a company or organization, please contact us via electronic mail to < > and become a sponsor or affiliate of the Artemis Society or Artemis Project.

  11. Start a business marketing a product or service related to the Artemis Project, such as software, movies, board games, or anything else that sells.

Remember to let us know what you are working on. If you don't know who else to write to, send electronic mail to <>.

It will only happen when you make it happpen!

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