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What You Can Do to Help Artemis Society International

Someone in Sydney or Athens might wonder what he could possibly do to help with a staffing problem on the other side of the world. It would be quite a commute to jaunt over to ASI HQ to help assemble new-member packets, log data base entries, and balance the checkbook. But there are things that people can do anywhere in the world; such as:

  1. Design a marketing campaign, even lay out and print flyers.

  2. Research mailing lists in the Huntsville area, even prepare a mailing to those addresses.

  3. Start a local chapter and recuit members -- the larger Artemis Society membership is, the more quickly ASI HQ will be able to afford the facilities it needs to properly take care of Society administration. And, the larger Artemis Society International is, the smaller fraction of the dues that needs to be spent on administrative overhead (such as, for instance, maintaining the electronic communication facilities).

  4. Write charters and procedures for the ASI administrative organizations. If you've seen an on-going organization working, you might think those things are easy, but really it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to come up with clearly written charters and procedures that all work together. Just figuring out the organization chart is an on-going process.

  5. Look at the ASI administrative functions and determine what can be done efficiently through the Internet.

  6. Design some stationery for ASI. That's not just letterhead, but also all those other little bits of paper every organization needs.

  7. Develop a membership data base system that allows the data to be maintained and updated across the Internet.

  8. Look at the Electronic Communication Technical Committee's list of jobs do to do, and pick one to work on. You'll find the list on line in the ECTC section of the Artemis Data Book.

  9. Volunteer to help with administration of Artemis Society International -- keep track of the organization, who is in which position, maintain this information on the web, and keep Boise Pearson (president of ASI) informed about what's going on. Candace Dicks does this for the Office of Space Flight, but the rest of ASI also needs a lot of administrative support.

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