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Artemis Society International
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Artemis Society International - The Moon Society

Artemis Society International serves as the meeting ground and educational forum for The Artemis Project. The Society was formed in August 1994 to provide an open door to all supporters and participants in the Artemis Project's quest to establish a permanent, self-supporting lunar community. The Society is a non-profit foundation incorporated in the State of Alabama, USA.

Artemis Society International is not the Artemis Project; it is a part of the Project, providing the educational functions and meeting ground necessary for the Project's world wide team. The Society does not participate in any form of commercial business. We display the registered trademarks of the Artemis Project by the gracious courtesy of The Lunar Resources Company.

Please visit the Artemis Society Membership document for information about becoming a member of the Society.

Local Chapters and Representatives:
The Artemis Society near you

People around the world are forming local chapters and serving as local representatives of the Artemis Society. We have a list of them so you can find people in your neighborhood to discuss forming a chapter and helping the project. If you don't see a local contact near you in the list, write to about getting listed as a local contact or about forming a chapter. If you are already part of a pro-space organization write to us about affiliating with ASI.

More information is at your fingertips

Refer to the table of contents for this section of the Artemis Data Book for more information about the organization and operations of Artemis Society International.

Artemis Society International

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