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November 30, 1999

Moon in the News (Nov. 14 - 22)

Transhab modual

Potential Step Toward a Space Hotel - MSNBC(November 15, 1999)
Several aerospace companies are in talks with Nasa to build a privately owned habitat modual for the ISS(International Space Station).  The modual, which which may be based on the Transhab designs, would be leased to NASA and others to for their use.

RIT campus

Vacations above Earth just few years away - Florida Today Space Online (November 16, 1999)
RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) is moving forward with plans to offer a course in space tourism.  About 20 students are expected to join the class which starts near the end of November.

Artists rendering of Luna City lounge

Travel agents plot to ship the rich into space - (November 16, 1999)
Howard Wolff talked to British travel agents about the coming space tourism at the World Travel Market fair in England.  Wolff works for a US company that is designing a 100 bed orbital resort.

Artists remdering of the ISS

Selling Space to the Masses - (November 21,1999)
The participants of the Space Enterprise Symposium in Seattle discuss ways to turn Earth orbit into the next boom town of the new century.

Leonid impacting the Moon?

A Leonid on the Moon? - NASA Space Science News(November 22,1999)
Brian Cudnik, a research technician at Rice University and Prairie View A&M University, was watching the Moon for signs of flashes caused by Leonids striking the lunar surface.  At about 4h 46m 20s UT on November 18 he saw a brief flash near the center of the Moon's dark side, close to the edge of the lunar disk.

Leonids Hit the Moon and World Wide Web - (November 22,1999)
Another Story about the leonid impact on the moon and leonids in general.

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