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November 15, 1999

The Moon in the News (2nd Week of November 1999)

A Leonid meteor and the Moon, copyright Bishop Web Works

Leonids on the Moon - NASA Science News (November 3,1999)
Leonid meteorite impacts on the moon might be visible from Earth and provide a means for long-distance lunar prospecting.

Apollo 7 Mission Control

Have Laptop, Will Travel - Space Daily (November 8, 1999)
NASA is in an alliance with AppNet, Inc. that will turn common laptops into portable command-and-control centers for some of NASA's most critical missions.  This technology will allow NASA personnel to monitor and control spacecraft from anywhere through a connection to a secure web site.

SMART-1 Lunar Spacecraft

ESA Approves Moon Mission - Space Views (November 11,1999)
The European Space Agency has received approval for its first mission to Luna.  The SMART-1 craft is to be launched in later part of 2002.  The craft will have X-ray, infrared, and visual instruments to study the moon.

Homer Hickam

'Rocket Boy' predicts fast voyages to the planets - Deseret (November 11,1999)
Homer Hickam talkes about future propulsion technology using Antimatter drives to shorten trips the Moon and Mars.

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