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November 3, 1999

The Moon in the News

Moon Mystery Emerges From The X-files - SpaceDaily (October 21, 1999) - An explanation may have been found for mysterious events observed on the Moon.   For hundreds of years, people have reported to have seen strange occurrences on the surface of the Moon.

Bigelow exec details space hotel - Las Vegas Review-Journal (October 25, 1999) - Greg Bennett recently gave a lecture at UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas).  The subject of the lecture was the future plans of Bigelow Aerospace for a cruise ship that travels from Earth orbit to lunar orbit and back.

And This Is Your Brain Without Gravity - Biologists raise caution about colonies in space - San Francisco Chronicle (October 25, 1999) - Experimental evidence points to potential problems with humans reproducing and developing in microgravity.  The main concern is the development of the nervous system.

Artemis Society Team Stats - The Artemis Society's Seti@home team is rapidly growing and processing work units, but we can still use your help.  All you need to do to join is download the seti@home software and use it to donate your spare CPU time to the cause.

Leonids in the Crystal Ball - NASA Science News (October 27, 1999) - Scientists predict that 1999 should be a great year for observing the Leonid meteors.  Chances for best viewing are in the early morning hours of Nov. 18th.

Japanese Lunar Exploration: Robots Now, People Later - (October 31, 1999) - Among the presenters at the Second Canadian Space Workshop was Koichiro Tsuruda from the Japanese Ministry of Education's Institute for Space and Astronautics (ISAS).  Tsuruda spoke most enthusiastically about Japan's upcoming missions to the Moon.  His particular attention was focused upon the "Selene" mission.

Studying Space Hospitality in Rochester - (November 1, 1999) - The Rochester Institute of Technology has announced what it calls the nation's first course in space tourism.

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